Pickupp feature: Delivery Confirmation Email

What if you, as well as your customers, can now receive email notification when your order has been successfully delivered?

We just launched our newest feature: send updates and confirmation emails not only to you, but to your clients too!

Standard courier services normally only update their direct partner when delivery has been completed. We are the only one who could notify both you and your customers via email when your orders have reached the intended recipients.

These emails are fully customisable, easy to configure, and most importantly, completely free (with a minimum order commitment per month)! Whether you would like to insert your company logo or unique tagline, you can do it all. Have full flexibility and freedom of how your emails are worded, structured, and sent!

Not only will this feature build your brand image, it will also provide your customers the care and attention they deserve. Find out more here.


Happy National Day, Singapore!

When there are are troubles to go through
We’ll find a way to start anew
There is comfort in the knowledge that home’s about its people too

From all of us at Pickupp to #ANationThatCares… Happy National Day, Singapore!


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Team Pickupp