100% Sellout of Brotherbird Bakehouse’s Croissants via Shop On Pickupp: Achieving eCommerce growth

Brotherbird Bakehouse’s Croissants can be found at 2 retail locations in Singapore (Bugis and Lavender). They’re so popular that they’ve always been known to sell out at mid-day, leaving no chance for people working or living outside these areas to purchase them.

Pickupp wanted to bring these wonderful croissants to other Singaporeans and partnered with them to offer islandwide deliveries. However, without an eCommerce store, it was difficult for Brotherbird Bakehouse to scale up and coordinate deliveries for a large number of orders.

With Shop On Pickupp, an eCommerce feature on our mobile app, along with our expertise in delivery services, Brotherbird Bakehouse was given a platform to 1) Sell their croissants islandwide and 2) Test how free deliveries would benefit their business

In just 2 weeks, we achieved:

  • A 100% sellout of their croissants for the whole campaign period in less than 7 days
  • Ads that we had launched for Brotherbird Bakehouse on Facebook achieved a reach of more than 100K in just 7 days!
  • An increase in their customer base, where customers all across Singapore were making orders for their croissants.

Learn more about Shop On Pickupp here. Check out the video Pickupp produced for Brotherbird Bakehouse here.

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