Placing an order on Pickupp is as simple as 1-2-3, but if you have a lot of orders to enter per day, do you know that you can upload everything at one go?

Introducing our feature: Bulk Create!

Using this feature, you can enter up to 100 orders at once via CSV file upload.


5 simple steps:


1)   Download the sample/template file


2)   Enter the necessary information into the template file regarding your deliveries (starting from row 16 onwards)

Afterwards, save it to your local drive.


3)   Upload the file


4)   Upon upload

  • Yellow cells: check if the system-recognized address is the correct intended address. If it’s referring to the correct values, you can leave it as is. Unit number will still be captured as per your input
  • Red cells: please amend to correct address
  • White cells: all is good to proceed!


5)   Once everything is as expected, click ‘Request’


For further questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our friendly agents by clicking the live chat button on the bottom right hand corner on our site.