Technology Feature Update: Delivery Confirmation Email

We’re always working to improve our delivery services to help your business save cost and achieve a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Here’s our latest update: Both you and your customers can now receive updates and an email and SMS notification when their order has been delivered successfully!

Why is that so special? Standard/Traditional courier services usually only update their direct partner when a delivery has been completed. We are probably one of the only local courier services in Singapore who will notify both you and your customers when your orders have reached the intended recipients.

As a technology-enabled delivery provider, learn how different we are from traditional couriers here.

These emails are fully customisable, easy to configure, and most importantly, completely free (with a minimum order commitment per month)! Whether you would like to insert your company logo or unique tagline, you can do it all. Have full flexibility and freedom of how your emails are worded, structured, and sent!

Not only will this feature build your brand image, it will also provide your customers the care and attention they deserve. Learn how to set up these delivery confirmation emails here.

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Thank you for your continuous support!


Team Pickupp