12 Christmas Gifts You Can Buy & Have Delivered Under $25 in Singapore this 2020

Dec 2, 2020 12:01 PM

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12 Christmas Gifts You Can Buy & Have Delivered Under $25 in Singapore this 2020

Christmas is nearing! And if you have been struggling to find the time to purchase gifts for your loved ones, or have no idea what to get, we're here to help! Read our guide on 12 Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Under $25 for every type of friend, and have it delivered to you at the most affordable islandwide delivery rates with Shop On Pickupp. We know that shopping in Singapore has been a tad bit too crowded lately. With us, you can purchase a gift with us from the comfort of your home, without jostling with the Christmas shopping crowd! Whether it is a gift for your family, boyfriend, friends, or just for a party - we've got you covered.

Pickupp's Christmas Sale 2020

Before we go on to share our gift guide, here're some details on what you can expect with Shop On Pickupp's Christmas Sale 2020:

Christmas Sale 2020

- Happening from 10 to 22 December 2020 - Free Christmas Card (Limited to the first 20 orders of each participating shop only!) - Exclusive Christmas Bundles below $25 only (Available only on Shop On Pickupp) - 10% Early Bird Discount (10 - 15 Dec only, while stocks last!) - Discounted Islandwide Delivery Rates (From $0 - $6.90 Only)

Gift Guide 2020

1. Scented Candles


We all have that 1 friend whose obsessed with candles and instead of shopping from typical candle retail stores such as Yankee candle, why not gift your friend with something unique? Lynd Artisan is a Singapore-based, all natural candle brand for scent enthusiasts. They source from scents around the world and believe in delivering the highest quality, luxury candles at affordable prices. This Christmas, travel through their Limited Edition Festive candles that bring you scents from Mount Titlis, Switzerland and Hallstatt. Shop On Pickupp is selling a wide range of Lynd Artisan's products - in different bundle sizes to suit your budget and preference. Because their candles are lovingly handmade with their own blend of natural palm coco creme wax, stocks are limited so be amongst the first to get them today!

2. Christmas Cakes and Breads

Kele Log Cake
Christmas Breads

Christmas cakes don't always have to be expensive and this Christmas, we have unique bundles of cakes and dessert you could bring to a Christmas party for less than $25. For example, you can purchase 4 slices of Cat & the Fiddle's Christmas-themed cheesecakes with us at $20 (U.P. $26.60) or Wu Pao Chun's special Royal Lychee Cake. And of course, because Christmas is incomplete without your classic log cake - we bring you a variety of log cakes flavours including Rum & Raisin, Williams Pear & Passionfruit, Valrhona Chocolate with Blueberry & Banana log cakes from Kele! While the delivery of these log cakes cakes cost about $13.90, Shop On Pickupp brings them to you with an islandwide delivery of just $3.90! Don't forget the early bird discounts available only from 10 - 22 December! If you've no idea what to bring to the Christmas table, bring any of these Christmas cakes! You can't go wrong with dessert.

3. Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Anyone who loves accessories would have heard of Calypsoul - but did you know that this lovely brand also owns Calypsoul.life, a brand that specialises in 100% natural essential oils blended by hand? Their Essential Oil Rollerball Blends come in tiny packages and are the perfect practical gift to encourage wellness & health for your mother or friend who needs it! Think combinations of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint oils that works to improve concentration, revitalise energy and help you relax!

4. Christmas Hams & Deli

Christmas Ham and Deli

If all else fails, Deli is your best bet. From the classic honey baked ham to parma or Black Forest ham, The Meat Society has a full range of hams and deli that would be ideal for your Christmas party. And of course, deli should be paired perfectly with cheese and there're more than 10 varieties of cheese for you to choose from here! P.S. While islandwide delivery from The Meat Society's website will set you back about $10, and require a minimum purchase of $50 for free delivery, you can purchase their bundles with Shop On Pickupp at an islandwide delivery fee of just $4 and receive free delivery for a purchase of $40 and above.

5. Donuts - Puff & Peaks, Nassim Hill Bakery

So donuts are not necessarily Christmas food but who can resist donuts?! With our Christmas sale this 10 - 22 Dec, you can expect flavours such as brown butter Ceylon milk tea and rosewater cherry marscapone donuts from Puff & Peaks. If you wish to do away with the fancy flavours, you can get classic ol' kaya and chocolate bomboloni donuts from Nassim Hill as well! As always, expect way more affordable islandwide delivery fees when you purchase with us. E.g. Nassim Hill: $4.90 Islandwide Delivery (U.P.$14) Puff & Peaks: $5.90 Islandwide Delivery (They're not accepting deliveries or reservations for now!)

6. Beer (Craft Beer!)

Craft Beer Christmas Sale

What's Christmas without alcohol? It could be a gift for a craft beer enthusiast or just for a party but our Christmas bundle of beer with Thirsty at just below $25 - so you can buy alcohol without burning a hole in the pocket!

7. Ice-Cream

Tsujiri Ice-cream

Too full for dessert but ice-cream is fine? Purchase exclusive bundles from brands such as Matchaya, Tsujiri and The Ice-cream Cookie & Co. Expect discounted islandwide delivery fees and early bird discounts when you purchase with these brands from Shop On Pickupp from 10 - 22 December! For example, while the original islandwide delivery fee for Tsujiri is $8.90, we're selling it for $5.90 just for this Christmas!

8. Skincare

Body Blendz Sale

This one's for the ladies. If you prefer not to gift something generic like food, you can consider affordable skincare bundles under $25 with Shop On Pickupp! Expect Korean skincare and beauty products from brands such as Klairs or mini facial capsules from brands such as Body Blendz! P.S. These are exclusive skincare bundles, available only via Shop On Pickupp!

9. Amazin' Graze's Merry Gift Box

Amazin' Graze's Merry Gift Box

Everyone knows and has seen Amazin' Graze's granola in the supermarkets but this Christmas, they've come up with special Christmasy Granola flavours such as White Chocolate Cranberry, all packaged into beautiful Christmas boxes, making it the ideal gift for your Secret Santa Gift Exchange! Why shop these boxes at the supermarket when you can purchase it with free delivery from the Amazin Graze store at Shop On Pickupp directly? Furthermore, if you purchase it with us from 10 - 15 Dec, we give an additional 10% off discount such that the gift box is almost below $20! We promise that you won't find it at a better price anywhere else and it'll be your most affordable purchase!

10. Handmade Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery

Jewellery doesn't always have to be expensive and if you're looking for something unique and handmade for your girlfriend but below $25, we're here to help! Although Good Girls' Store is new in the market, they're known for their quirky, colourful, one of a kind, hand beaded earrings, necklaces, rings and chokers. They'll only be selling with us from 10 - 22 December so Shop On Pickupp and check their store out today!

11. Christmas Fruits

Christmas Fruits

Going to a party filled with health-conscious friends? Or need some healthy fare to mitigate all that Christmas feasting? We've a special Christmas fruit box for you! Think Australian Cherries, Dried Cranberries, Lemons or Grapefruit, Hawaiian Variety Papayas - not from any random supermarket but from Fresco, a brand famous for their fresh and affordable fruits. It's the ideal healthy gift for your health-conscious friends!

12. Christmas Brownies and Cookies

Christmas Brownies

We haven't forgotten them brownies and cookies! The essential snacks to every party and the kind of gift most people would welcome - we've a large variety of Christmas-themed brownies and cookies from brands such as Avomin, A Slice of Life and more! P.S. These bundles are exclusive and available to Shop On Pickupp only!

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