Lunch and Hawker Food Group Buy Delivery in Singapore

Nov 23, 2021 8:01 AM

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What are lunch group buys?

You may have heard or seen the term “group buy '' come up every now and then. It’s no surprise as group buys have become trendy in Singapore. You can read more about how group buys work, their benefits and why Shop On Pickupp is the go-to group buy in Singapore through our previous article here. With an increasing number of people working from home in this season, lunch group buys are a great option for those looking to vary their lunch options without needing to step out of their house. There are opportunities to have lunch from food places across the island. If you stay in the West for example, and a group buy opens up for Maxwell Centre, you can receive access to food there through extremely affordable delivery fees.

Introducing Tuesday Lunch with Shop on Pickupp:

​​With all the benefits that group buys bring, you’ll be glad to know that group buys for Shop On Pickupp have expanded! It’s no longer just limited to bakeries - you can now order your lunch group buy-style from Shop on Pickupp! We have launched Pickupp has launched Tuesday Lunch with Shop on Pickupp, where you can pre-order your Tuesday lunch on our platform and have it delivered to your doorstep!

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On top of changing up our lunch spots every week, there are also other benefits to ordering your lunch with us such as no price-markups, delivery fees capped at $4.90 and being able to support local restaurants and hawkers amidst the COVID-19 restrictions. Since its inception, we have taken orders and fulfilled deliveries for different food establishments every Tuesday. We have held successful lunch group buys with restaurants such as Yan Ji Seafood Soup for the Northeast district and Kin Hoi for Easties. We have also organised group buys and delivery with hawker food centres around Singapore such as Zion Riverside Food Centre for the Sengkang area.

Here is the upcoming list of mouthwatering Tuesday Lunch group buy spots:

Shop On Pickupp Lunch Groupbuy Schedule

It’s super easy to place your order with us - here’s how it works: 1. Join our telegram group and follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep yourself updated on where next week’s lunch spot and if we will be taking orders for your district. 2. When order-taking opens, you can download the Pickupp User mobile app here and place an order there. Alternatively, you may also submit your order here on our website. 3. Sit back and relax and dig into your lunch when Tuesday comes around!

Why you should order from Shop on Pickupp

There are many groupbuys offering lunch in Singapore but here are some reasons why you should order your Tuesday lunches with us!

Shop On Pickupp Lunch Groupbuy Benefits

1. No price markup That’s right - unlike other food delivery services and apps, there are no price markups for any of the items when you order your lunch with us! You pay the same amount as what you would pay at the stall. As we do not charge commission from our lunch group buy merchants, they will also be receiving the full amount paid by you - it’s a win-win for everyone! Furthermore, our delivery fees are a flat fee - meaning they stay the same regardless of your location. No more peak-period surcharges! 2. New lunch spots every week Do you find yourself always eating the same thing every week? That’s one problem solved when you order your Tuesday lunches with Pickupp. Feast at popular restaurants such as Kin Hoi and the best hawker centres in Singapore like Zion Riverside Food Centre at the comfort of your home. We also provide the option of ordering items from multiple stores during hawker centre group guys too! Craving a cup of refreshing soy milk to go with your Michelin Star Boon Tong Kee Kway Chap? We’ve got you covered with our mix-n-match option. 3. Rotating group buy areas While Singapore has undeniably some of the best lunch spots, sometimes it just feels like there’s just nothing to eat around your area. Don’t fret, as we plan to hold lunch deliveries to different parts of Singapore! Keep a lookout on where the next Tuesday Lunch delivery area will be either on our telegram channel, Instagram or Facebook pages. 4. Low delivery fees + promotions all year round! We get it - seeing high delivery fees can be painful and who doesn’t love cheap food delivery services? Which is why Pickupp’s Tuesday lunch delivery fees will always be $4.90 or lower! In our latest Zion Riverside Hawker Centre group buy to Sengkang, our delivery fee was as low as $2.90! On top of our low delivery fees, we also have promo codes that you are able to use for Tuesday Lunches. Check out our list of Pickupp promo codes here! Psst, here’s a tip for you: keep a lookout for promo codes provided by Pickupp Ambassadors - check out Instagram or TikTok foodies and you might stumble upon a promo code in the wild! 5. Support local With restrictions being implemented since the start of the pandemic in 2020, many local restaurants and hawkers in Singapore have been struggling. While you may want to find a way to help out without needing to dine out so much and put yourself at risk, it’s not easy to find hawker food on delivery apps. This is where Tuesday Lunch with Pickupp can come in! Ordering your lunches from us can serve as a way to support these local businesses. Additionally, unlike other delivery apps, Pickupp does not receive any commissions from lunch sales, so the amount paid for your lunch fully goes towards the stall. You can be rest assured that your payment has contributed to supporting our local F&B scene!

Excited to have lunch with us?

Order your next Tuesday’s lunch now on the Shop on Pickupp app or website! Not delivering to your district yet? Not to worry - join our Telegram group and follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep yourself updated as we are delivering to more districts all the time! See you for lunch! P.S. If you’re looking for a way to satiate your dessert cravings, check out the group buys we host for some of the best bakeries in Singapore on the Shop on Pickupp platform! Some of our regular group buys include bakeries such as Tiong Bahru Galicier, Brotherbird Bakehouse and Bakery Brera. Interested in delivering for Pickupp? You may sign up here! Looking to expand your business? Find out how you can achieve more sales with Shop On Pickupp.