Great Singapore Sale: Foodie Edition

Jun 20, 2022 12:00 PM

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The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is back again! We sure have been looking forward to going on this annual shopping spree. But who says that clothes and electronics are the only things that go on sale? Shop on Pickupp’s Great Foodie Fest has you covered with massive discounts on whatever yummy treats you may be craving! From 20 - 30 June, we’re offering delectable treats from bakes, desserts, snacks to alcohol & more! What’s even sweeter? Grab these items during our flash sales and enjoy huge savings. To make this sale even sweeter, we’re having two separate flash sales, and selling snack bundles:

1. 1-For-1 Bundle Deals from 20 - 30 June

Shop On Pickupp 1 For 1 Bundle Deals

Did someone say BOGO?! We did! Passport taking too long to be renewed? Don’t worry! Be transported out of Singapore with some Thai and Taiwanese snacks! 1. Aureo Asia's Bamboo House Rice Cake $3.50 2. Charki Jerky's Beef Teriyaki 25g $5.90 3. Zenko Superfood's Ancient Grain Clusters $3.50 4. Thai Supermarket's CORNAE - Corn Chips Tub (Original) 70g $3.50 5. Taiwan's Scallion Cake Nougat - Original (8 pcs) $10.52 Throughout our Great Foodie Fest, expect double the enjoyment on the snacks listed above!

2. 50% OFF Flash Sale on 22 June, 8-9PM Only

What’s better than yummy bakes? Yummy bakes going at 50% OFF! Happening on 22 June from 8-9PM only, snag a wide variety of unique pastries and desserts at 50% OFF. That’s not all, we’ll even deliver to your doorstep for FREE!

Shop On Pickupp 50% OFF Flash Sale

Expect to grab treats from award-winning & popular bakeries including Brotherbird Bakehouse, Ji Xiang Confectionery, Matchaya & more! 1. On’Lee Artisan Bakery’s Assorted Box 2. Bakery Brera’s Viennoiserie Bundle 3. Mr Baguette’s Mix & Match (Box of 6) 4. Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s Assorted Cruffins 5. Baker's Bench Bakery’s Assorted Bagels 6. Ji Xiang Confectionery’s Ang Ku Kueh (Box of 6) 7. Matchaya’s Pate A Choux 8. AJ Delights's Assorted Muffins To be one of the first few to snag these crazy deals, head over to our Telegram channel and switch on your notifications. Set your alarms and get ready because we’re pretty sure they’ll be gone in a flash.

3. $1 Alcohol Flash Sale on 27 June, 8-9PM

Shop On Pickupp $1 Beer Flash Sale

Who said booze has to come at a high price? If you're searching high and low for wallet-friendly beers, you're at the right place. Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect to purchase during the $1 alcohol flash sale: 1. Asahi Super Dry Beer 2. Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Wheat Beer 3. Heineken Lager Beer 4. Guinness Draught Beer Psst, sale is limited while stocks last so be quick!

Still not sure what to get? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Tea-Time Treats

Don’t forget to take a breather and enjoy tea-time treats. These include everything from bakes and pastries, to local favourites like kuehs!

Brotherbird Bakehouse

Shop On Pickupp Brother Bird Bakehouse Croissants

Get yourself a box of croissants from Brotherbird Bakehouse before they sell out! They never fail to surprise us with both their savoury and sweet options, with flavours such as their Rocher Croissant, and their Mentaiko Prawn Twice-Baked.

Uggli Muffins

Shop On Pickupp Uggli Muffins

Something else to look forward to is Uggli Muffins’ heartwarming bakes. With a recipe dating back over 50 years, you can definitely taste the love and devotion baked into each and every bite.

Champion Bolo Bun

Shop On Pickupp Champion Bolo Bun

On the search for the best bolo buns in Singapore? Look no further, these buns from Champion Bolo will definately make you reminisce Hong Kong’s popular cha chaan teng pastry. Featuring a crispy crust with a thick slab of butter, you’ll be in for a blast.

Mr Shao Bao

Shop On Pickupp Mr Shao Bao

We also have some other classic tea-time treats, with a slightly more oriental feel, from Mr Shao Bao. Think traditional siew baos with a modern twist - siew baos topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, or topped off with the sugary crust of a bolo bun.

Kueh Ho Jiak

Shop On Pickupp Kueh Ho Jiak

Want something even more local? From traditional savoury delights like png kueh and yam cake, to sweet treats like puteri ayu and butter cookies, take a look at what Kueh Ho Jiak has to offer.


Shop On Pickupp Matchaya

Speaking of tea-time and tea, who can forget matcha? Savour Matchaya’s calming whisked milk teas with their warabi mochi - the perfect pairing! Alternatively, choose from Uji Matcha, Houjicha and Kurogoma as you cool yourself down with their fragrant tea-flavoured soft serve tubs.

2. Snacks

When you’re feeling munchy, we know you can’t stop yourself from grabbing a pack of chips.

Shop On Pickupp Thai Supermarket Lays Chips

Lays are always a good go-to, but have you tried their unique 3-In-1 Popcorn Mix (Butter Corn, Cheddar Cheese & Caramel) flavour?

Shop On Pickupp Thai Supermarket Cornae Corn Chips

Snack-ventures are even more fun with Cornae Corn Chips. ‘Wearing’ them on your fingers and eating them one-by-one adds to the experience!

Shop On Pickupp Aureo Asia KiKi Instant Noodles

On those nights when you’re extra snacky, we know instant noodles are the only thing that’ll hit the spot! We recommend KiKi Instant Noodles from Taiwan. For spice-lovers, opt for their Sichuan Pepper Noodles. Be warned, the sauce can be rather spicy! If you’re not in the mood for Sichuan spice, their Aromatic Scallion Noodles and their Old-Time Flavour Scallion Oil Noodles will definitely still wow you with their fragrance!

Shop On Pickupp Zenko Superfoods

Snacking, especially late at night, is a guilty pleasure. But, we get it. Sometimes, you just want something to munch on without the guilt… Rest assured, because you can find Zenko Superfoods’ Water Lily Pops and Ancient Grain Clusters.

Shop On Pickupp Thai Supermarket PRITIP Crispy Broccoli and Okra

Expect to also see PRITIP Crispy Brocolli in three different flavours (Original, Wasabi and Seaweed)! If you’re feeling adventurous, try PRITIP Crispy Okra in either the Original or the Seaweed flavour. TikTok food reviewer, Millie Guo, told us that those chips really taste like the actual vegetable. No matter what you like, we’re sure there’s something for when your mouth won’t stop itching.

3. Alcohol

Shop On Pickupp Alcohol Delivery

Rest assured that you’re getting the best boozy deals in town with our On-Demand Alcohol Delivery! Take your pick from classic wheat beers, to fruity ones like Sweet Touch’s Lychee Beer, or indulge in some Draught from Guinness!

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The first half of this year definitely wasn’t easy. But you made it! Celebrate and get all these treats sent directly to your doorstep with free delivery - and yes, islandwide. Grab your foodie friends, mark your calendars and get ready for this unbeatable sale! For greater savings, refer a friend to enjoy $8 OFF. Stay tune to more goodies and deals on Shop on Pickupp! Check out our previous sale here. To Shop On Pickupp, simply download the Pickupp User mobile app here or explore our platform here. Looking to expand your business? Find out how you can achieve more sales with Shop On Pickupp.