The Groupbuy to Look Out For in Singapore

Mar 19, 2021 12:01 PM

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The Groupbuy to Look Out For in Singapore

Ever since COVID-19, group buys have risen as a trend in Singapore. For those of you who don't know, what are group buys and why have they been increasing in popularity? Groupbuys first started casually, on a smaller scale, where orders are pooled among neighbours to help residents snag popular food items with bulk discounts and more affordable delivery fees, without having to queue. Increasingly though, more and more of these community groups have been set up formally for residents in different locations and neighbourhoods in Singapore to come together and purchase niche products. Organisers of these group buys earn from the administrative and delivery fees. According to this article by The Straits Times, in the latter half of 2020, more than 50 estate group buys have sprung up across Singapore. One thing's for sure - this 'Buy Together, Save Together' concept is here to stay. There are group buys for practically everything under the sun these days. If you want to know if your neighbourhood has a groupbuy, you could check out this list of Telegram and WhatsApp Groupbuy groups. Orders made through these group buys are usually manual, where information on the available products are disseminated to members through Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook groups, where interest in order is indicated through Google forms before payment is made separately to the Groupbuy host. So, as a delivery and e-commerce company, why are we talking about group buys?

Yes, Shop On Pickupp jumped on the bandwagon and started their own groupbuy.

Groupbuy Sengkang, Punggol, Pasir Ris

We started our first official groupbuy sale within Sengkang, Punggol and Pasir Ris in Singapore, and now we're at the CBD - the perfect opportunity for you to groupbuy and share these bakes with your colleagues. Bakeries are Shop On Pickupp's niche and we wanted to start with a variety of well-known bakeries that would appeal to the young and old. We decided on the following bakeries: - Bakery Brera (Artisan bakes like Basque Burnt Cheesecakes, Kouign-Amann, Scones and more) - Rich and Good Cake Shop (Swiss rolls) - Tong Heng (Egg Tarts) - Lookie Cookie (Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cookies) - AJ Delights (Old school streusel muffins in Alexandra Food Centre) We're also currently having a Mother's Day Groupbuy for brands like: - Ang Ku Kueh from Ji Xiang Confectionary - Lava-Filled Baguettes from Mr Baguette - Donuts from Doughnut Shack - Many many more!

Why did Pickupp start their own groupbuy and how do we stand out?

Groupbuy - Pickupp

Participating in some of these group buys ourselves, we realised how much of a hassle it could be to have to manually scroll through several tabs of Google sheets, go through the multiple products and prices and filling up the form on what we needed. Most of these group buys charge an administrative fee because of the time spent sorting and managing the deliveries and that ends up raising the cost of purchasing the item. Because Shop On Pickupp already has an e-commerce, payment and delivery system in place, it really is the ideal and no.1 platform for group buys to be hosted for communities throughout Singapore. If you're a groupbuy organiser, listing your shops and products on our platform will help you save time on administrative matters, allowing you to scale up faster. If you're a merchant, participate in our groupbuy sale with flexible commission rates and lower delivery fees that will increase more sales for your business. If you're a customer, forget manual ordering and payment methods, shop with us in a few clicks or less!

What can you expect from Pickupp's Groupbuy?

Groupbuy Singapore

We're true blue foodies and shopaholics, so rest assured that with our group buys, we will source for the best goodies and deals, just for you. Expect: - Tried and Tested Hard-To-Get Popular Brands (Le Matin Patisserie, The Headless Baker, AJ Delights and many more) - Groupbuys in several parts of Singapore at the most affordable delivery rates - Unique exclusive items (not just food) - No price mark-ups or administrative fees (We promise!) Yup, this is why you should stay tuned to us and subscribe to Shop On Pickupp's telegram for the latest updates. Shop On Pickupp now.

Aside from our web platform, we also have a mobile app where you can expect the most fuss-free shopping experience! Get started with us today!