Delivering Success: Flexible Deliveries by Rentadella led to 90% Business Growth

May 27, 2019 2:02 PM

Pickupp Delivers Success
Grow Your Business with Flexible Deliveries

It is the age of convenience. Consumers expect deliveries to accommodate their busy lifestyles. Surveys have shown that consumers around the world and in emerging markets see convenience rather than lower prices as the main benefit of shopping online. Convenience and flexibility is a key way in which e-commerce retailers can distinguish themselves from their competitors.


A case study we have in point would be Rentadella, a fashion rental service founded by Singaporean-based Singer, Ming Bridges, in December 2017. Rentadella experienced a 90% GROWTH in deliveries since she started. Learn how Rentadella was able to grow their business by providing flexible 4-hour same day deliveries HERE.


With an increasing number of clothing rental companies springing up in Asia and established fashion retailers launching online rental services, what did it take for Rentadella to succeed and gain a competitive edge? As an online rental business, Rentadella needed their customers to be hooked on the experience her service provides. As the famous saying goes, “Don’t Deliver a Product, Deliver an Experience”. Our vote on what makes that experience? A customer’s first physical touchpoint of your service – deliveries. People who want flexibility in their wardrobe seek convenience and flexibility in their deliveries too. For example, shoppers of subscription-based fashion retailer Style Theory are mainly working women in Singapore who lead busy lives and use their service to save time shopping. Imagine these women having to work their schedule around the dress rental service. Renting clothes would become a hassle and the likelihood of customers going back to their usual shopping habits or switching to a different rental service would be high. Deliveries that will allow these women to swap out their clothes whenever they feel like it, make last minute rental bookings and wait a day or even less for their clothes to arrive contributes to providing the best experience for your customer.

Pickupp x Styletheory

Pickupp’s delivery services have been supporting fashion rental subscription services such as Rentadella and Style Theory, as well as more than 16,000 merchants across various industries for their deliveries since 2017. Learn how Rentadella was able to grow their business by providing flexible 4-hour same day deliveries HERE.

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