Pickupp's Monthly Plan (Express and Same Day Delivery) - 20% Discount

Jan 20, 2021 6:23 PM

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Pickupp's Monthly Plan (Express and Same Day Delivery)

Do you spend more than $300 on express and same day deliveries or create more than 30 delivery orders every month?

If your answer is YES, you could benefit from a 20% discount for all your delivery orders by signing up for a monthly plan with us! If you're a business, corporate, or even individual with regular and urgent delivery needs, this plan could lead to much cost savings for you! For just $300 a month, create 30 - 40 delivery orders anytime you want, and it'll be delivered on that same day.

How can I join Pickupp's monthly plan?

Express and Same Day Delivery

Kindly refer to the above steps on how you can enroll in Pickupp's Monthly Plan and benefit from 20% off our 2-Hour Express and 4-Hour Same Day deliveries in no time! Click on our monthly plan agreement here to get started!

Still not sure how you can create delivery orders with Pickupp?

Learn how to use and make sense of our digital dashboard to kickstart your deliveries through our guide! Download it HERE. On this dashboard, you will be able to create orders, upload them in bulk, track the status of each order, your monthly spendings on deliveries, and every delivery order you’ve ever made with us. *This onboarding guide is only applicable for our express and same day delivery services. Businesses or corporates interested in our next day or 1 - 3 days delivery services can simply sign up for a free trial with us here and someone will be in touch!

Do you have ad-hoc delivery needs and are unable to meet the minimum spending required for our monthly plan?

If you're an individual or business with ad-hoc delivery needs, and want a quick way to manage your deliveries, kindly refer to this link for individuals here. You can also create and track orders by referring to by downloading the 'Pickupp User - Shop & Deliver' app.