10 New Bakeries to Shop From in SG

Jul 16, 2020 12:01 PM

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10 New Bakeries to Shop From On Pickupp

Fun Fact: Did you know that more than 50% of the shops on our platform are bakeries? While we are definitely working towards expanding our offerings to include more restaurants and a variety of shops and products, bakeries are very important to us and if you're reading this, we know that it's important to you too! Shop On Pickupp offers exclusive treats with islandwide delivery from a variety of unique bakeries that cannot be found on other food delivery platforms. As a technology-driven company, Shop On Pickupp's goal and intention is to provide physical, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), as well as aspiring sellers who wish to transition online the necessary e-commerce infrastructure to sell their products. As a logistics company with a growing pool of delivery agents, we also support businesses who list on our platform with automatic delivery fulfilment. As such, we welcome all sorts of enterprises, including small and home-based businesses! While we have a good range of larger bakeries and dessert businesses such as Matchaya, Wu Pao Chun (Breadtalk) as well as Cat & the Fiddle, in this article, we focus on 10 new, small and unique bakeries that you can purchase from with Shop On Pickupp today! Learn more about Shop On Pickupp here!

1. Guilt Cookies

Guilt Artisanal Cookies

Well-known for its artisanal cookies, Guilt is a Singapore-based bake shop that is serious about making really good cookies. With playful cookie names such as "Salty AF", you can expect nothing but pure creativity in its cookie flavours. While there is an islandwide delivery cost of about $15 when you purchase with them directly, you can purchase bundles of 6 or 8 cookies with Shop On Pickupp with free delivery! Explore Guilt's cookies on our platform here!

2. Haritts Donuts and Coffee

Haritts Donuts and Coffee

Any donut-lover would have heard of Haritts, the famed Japanese-style donuts, known to be one of the best in Tokyo. These donuts were brought to Singapore in 2018. Think fluffy, oil-free donuts with the right amount of sweetness - the perfect balance between bread and donuts. While there is a minimum of $30 and delivery fee between $8 - $15 when you purchase directly from them, purchase it with Shop On Pickupp with free delivery! Explore Haritts's donuts on our platform here!

3. A Slice of Life

A Slice of Life

Yes, A Slice of Life is a home baker! If you scroll through their Instagram feed @asol.sg, you'll find beautiful bespoke painted cakes - ideal for weddings and crafted to perfection. While these bespoke cakes are not available for sale on our platform, with her skills, you can be assured that everything you purchase with them, from simple brookies to kueh dadar cupcakes, will leave you wanting more. Explore A Slice of Life's products on our platform here!

4. Avomin

Avomin Avocado Brownies

Undeniable love for brownies but worried about the calories? Avomin specialises in rich, fudgey, chewy, decadent and yet guilt-free brownie! Instead of using butter, avocado is used, promising a much lower calorie intake. Each brownie flavour comes with different toppings and flavours, including Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Swirl and Peppermint. Brownies that are healthier but taste just as good? Avomin it is! Islandwide deliveries are about $10 nett but as always, with Shop On Pickupp, you can get it free! Explore Avomin's products on our platform here!

5. Brulee Bakes

Brulee Bakes

The Basque Burnt Cheesecake has been trending so much lately but Brulee Bakes' take theirs to a whole new level with a Cempedak Burnt and Valrhona Chocolate Basque Burnt Cheesecake flavour! It's also certified Halal and definitely the ideal gift for your muslim friends. While islandwide delivery with them can cost up to $15, you can purchase it at an islandwide delivery fee of only $5 with us, 30% off its original price?!? Explore Brulee Bake's products on our platform here!

6. Simple Cafe

Simple Cafe

Formerly known as Before and After, their Instagram feed exudes Japanese zen-like vibes and baked products that look incredibly comforting. Think dessert boxes with unique pastries such as the Fig & Caramel Pound Cake, Bourdaloue Tart (Pear), Financiers and Brown Butter Madeleines. Now rebranded as here!

7. Unsalted Butter

Unsalted Butter

Known for their Walnut Banana Gugelhupf and Matcha Butter Scones pastries, Unsalted Butter's bakes are the perfect pairing for your afternoon tea. You can purchase them in pretty dessert boxes bundled in different assortments. Explore Unsalted Butter's products on our platform here!

8. Bake Days

Bake Days Cheesecake

Bake Days is a home baker that started their business earlier this year. They specialise in the trending basque burnt cheesecake made with premium Australian Cream Cheese that comes with a variety of flavours such as Matcha, Espresso and Chocolate. If you're looking for affordable basque burnt cheesecakes to try, theirs cost just $25 for a 4.5 inch cake. Aside from cheesecakes, chewy oatmeal and lava cookies are also one of the offerings on our platform. Explore Bake Day's products on our platform here!

9. Therese Pastry

Therese Pastry

Therese Pastry has been featured on several media outlets as one of the leading home bakers in Singapore. As an award-winning cake designer from Hong Kong, Therese creates bespoke cakes catered to meet their customers' requirements or needs. On Shop On Pickupp, though, she has diversified to offer traditional Hong Kong delicacies and pastries such as egg tarts, coconut tarts, cocktail buns, raisin buns and they can all be found on our platform! Explore Therese Pastry's products on our platform here!

10. Butterfingers Bakehouse

Butterfingers Bakehouse - Matcha and Earl Grey Cakes

Another fairly new home bakery, Butterfingers Bakehouse, specialises in miniature Matcha Chestnut and Earl Grey Pound cakes. Packed and sold in beautifully packaged dessert boxes of 4 or 6 pound cakes, you can also request for a handwritten message by ordering their $1 gift card along with your purchase! Explore Butterfingers' Bakehouse products on our platform here!

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