5 Unique Overseas Snacks to Curb Your Travel Cravings

Nov 10, 2021 1:19 PM

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Satisfy Your Travel Cravings with Overseas Snacks

Our pre-pandemic trips were never complete without stopping by local stores to stock up our suitcases with unique snacks and pre-packaged food. It’s no secret that we’ve found ourselves dreaming of the coming days when we can start to travel and munch on delicious food again. As a response to the covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, people have found new ways to satisfy their travel fix. How? Through groupbuys specifically! Groupbuys have risen as a trend in Singapore and are increasing in popularity.

What is Group Buy?

​​For those of you who are new to this concept - estate group buys are consolidated community purchases for everything under the sun - from groceries, food to even snacks imported from across the borders. Shop On Pickupp started their own groupbuy last year with a variety of well-known bakeries such as Rich and Good Cake Shop, Bakery Brera, Hiap Joo Bakery’s Banana cakes from Malaysia & more. Learn more about how our groupbuy works and why we’re the top groupbuy host in Singapore. To address the demand for overseas products and snacks, along with our special connection and partnership with distributors and importers from all over the world, we’ve decided to import snacks to you on a regular basis so that you can have access to a large selection of authentic snacks without a hefty price tag. We started out by bringing in snacks and goodies from Taiwan such as Chia Te Bakery’s Pineapple Cakes, Saint Paul Q Cakes etc and the response was overwhelming. Since then, we’ve gotten numerous requests to bring in more products that you’ve been dying to lay your hands on from various countries… and now, your wish has been granted.

Travel Asia with Pickupp

 5 Unique Overseas Snacks to Curb Your Travel Cravings

With our latest campaign from now till 14 November, you have a taste of Asia from the comfort of your homes with a variety of over 15 popular snacks from countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The best part? You’ll be able to enjoy free delivery, right to your doorstep. Yes, you heard that right! Here are 5 unique snacks you should keep a lookout for during our sale to satiate your appetite - from Taiwan food such as Braised Pork Paste, snacks such as Kiki (Scallion/Spicy Vinegar), TTL Instant Noodles (Hua Tiao/Rice Wine Sesame Oil), the legendary Muah Otah from Malaysia as well as Hong Kong’s famous Jenny Bakery cookies. In addition, you can save extra with our Pickupp promo codes that actually work!

1. Xiao Mei Muah Otah

Shop On Pickupp Xiao Mei Muah Otah

Remember the days when we could travel to Malaysia for authentic Malaysian food? Say hello to this delicious otak otak brand. Extremely popular amongst Singaporeans, this otah is freshly made with real mackerel or prawn meat with a distinct coconut taste using traditional homemade recipe. To cook, simply steam/bake it in foil for about 8 minutes! Perfect as a snack or a complete meal - simply pair it with bread or rice and you’re good to go.

2. Hi-Walk Peanut Egg Rolls

Shop On Pickupp HiWalk Peanut Egg Rolls

Did you know that Hi-Walk is the first brand of handmade egg rolls in Taiwan, and is highly sought after? In fact, they’re almost always sold out in the Taiwan stores. Baked at 200 degrees, it’s golden crispy crust is coated with freshly ground peanuts. Unlike ordinary egg rolls, which are hollow, these egg rolls are full of ingredients such as peanut butter and as big as the size of the cigar. It’s an absolute crowd favourite!

3. Formosa Chang Braised Pork Paste

Shop On Pickupp Formosa Chang Braised Pork Paste

A visit to Taiwan will not be complete without savouring their staple dish - Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan). But what if we told you that you can have this dish whipped up at home in less than 5 minutes? Made by popular Formosa Chang restaurant, their pre-packed braised pork is full of yumminess. Bits of fatty pork stewed in sweet soy sauce ladled on top of a bowl of rice with flavours on the robust and savoury side. - your meal is settled!

4. Cozy Midi Lemon Cake

Shop On Pickupp Cozy Midi Lemon Cake

Shaped like a lemon, this bright coloured lemon cake is coated with a lemon chocolate shell. Take a bite and your mouth will be bursting with zesty flavoured lemon sponge cake. You can only get them in Taiwan - but now we’re bringing this special treat to you with free delivery! simply pair it with a cup of tea or coffee for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up treat!

5. Jenny Bakery Butter Cookies

Shop On Pickupp Jenny Bakery Butter Cookies

Jenny Bakery from Hong Kong has racked up countless metres of queues for its melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies. So addictive and highly sought after, these treats are a phenomenon. Buttery, fragrant, crumbly and tightly packed in a tin-can, these delicious treats last up to 2 months and are perfect for gifting too.

If you're on the lookout for more goodies that extend beyond this list, look no further. Whether you’re looking for ChiaTe Bakery’s Pineapple Pastry and O-Nong Taro Lava Cakes from Taiwan to Ming Ang’s Tambun biscuits from Malaysia & more, we have everything you need.

Ready to Travel Asia with Pickupp?

Hurry, go forth and grab all your favourite overseas snacks from the best food delivery platform in Singapore and enjoy free islandwide delivery to your doorstep! Looking to enjoy additional savings? Simply refer a friend to enjoy $8 OFF. Yes, it’s that simple! Don’t say bojio, we will be bringing in more trending and much-loved snacks from overseas so make sure you keep a lookout and subscribe to our telegram channel for first-hand updates. Check out other related article: 6 Nostalgic Childhood Snacks To Shop On Pickupp, simply download the Pickupp User mobile app here or explore our platform here. Looking to expand your business? Find out how you can achieve more sales with Shop On Pickupp.