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How Do I Sign Up For CIS?

How to Sign Up: 1. Click on the 'Sign Up Now' button, enter your email address and click ‘Submit’. 2. A unique code will be sent to your inbox. 3. Enter your unique code upon checkout to unlock your benefits!

What is Circles.Life Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS)?

Circles.Life's Employee Benefits program gives you more data and talktime. Guess what? These benefits last forever!

What are the benefits of signing up for CIS in Singapore?

CIS is a great way to provide perks to employees by giving them access to great phone and SIM deals. And for individuals, well, you save more every month and get stacks of data and talktime with the corporate phone plan!

Who should I reach out to in case of inquiry?

You may reach out to Circles.Life via the email at cis@circles.life

I am already a Circles.Life user. Can I get CIS benefits?

CIS benefits can only be applied by customers who are signing up for a new mobile plan with Circles.Life. This includes both getting a new number with us or transferring your number to Circles.Life upon sign up! If you are already on Circles.Life, you can still enter your email here to share your company's benefits with your friends / family. Code can be used 5 times. There's something for everyone!

I received an email about a CIS plan available for my company but I am already a Circles.Life user

Thanks for being part of the Circles.Life Family! Existing Users who have been with us for more than 1 year can be entitled to benefits upgrade. Simply fill out this form here to see if you are eligible for an upgrade. More details in the form.

Do I have to sign a contract to benefit from the CIS program?

There are no contracts ever! Every Circles.Life customer, regardless of whether they’re subscribed to a CIS program or not, benefits from the best no-contract plan in Singapore. No exceptions.

Can I share my CIS benefits with family and friends?

Yes you can! You can share your CIS code up to 4 times. Your CIS code is valid for up to 5 uses.

How does the CIS promo code work?

Once you have entered your email on our website, you should receive a personal promo code in your email. Simply enter your promo code and check out to be entitled to CIS plan perks.

What are the payment methods for my Circles.Life CIS plan?

Credit / debit cards only. Payment will automatically be deducted from your credit / debit card that was used when you initially signed up and built your Circles.Life plan! You won’t need to do anything. Just make sure that your card is valid and has sufficient balance

What are the delivery options available?

You have to pay a minimum of $2 for the delivery of the SIM card (Up to $6). Otherwise, you can choose to self-collect it from your nearest post office.

How do I qualify for the $150 Cashback?

Purchase a CIS Combo Plan (sim+phone) now to qualify for $150 Cashback on your monthly phone bill! The $150 Cashback will be given via bill waivers of $6.25 a month over 24 months.

I am currently on a prepaid plan, how do I enjoy the CIS offer?

You will have to request for your current service provider to convert your plan to a post-paid one before you make your purchase with us. CIS plans are only post-paid.

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