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An e-commerce and on-demand delivery platform with free islandwide delivery, no listing fees and flexible delivery days? That's us! Listing with us is also an opportunity to market your brand and increase sales online. We won’t just deliver for you, we could sell your products too!

Why List With Shop On Pickupp?

Professional Delivery Services from a logistics company

Free Islandwide Delivery From a Professional Logistics Company

No Listing Fees

No Listing Fees

Save Time with Automatic Delivery and Payment Fulfilment

Save Time with Automatic Delivery and Payment Fulfilment

Real-time GPS tracking 24/7

Real-time GPS tracking 24/7

Free Advertising Opportunity to 50,000 Users

Free Advertising Opportunity to 50,000 Users

Flexible Delivery Dates & Capacity

Flexible Delivery Dates & Capacity


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About Pickupp

1. What is Pickupp?

Pickupp is a technology-based logistics and e-commerce platform dedicated to supporting you with last mile door-to-door deliveries that will only get better! We currently delight more than 50,000 users and businesses across Asia, including companies such as Charles & Keith with our 4-hour on-demand, same day, next day, and 1 -3 days courier and door-to-door delivery services. Read more: 4 hour, same day or next day delivery, which one is for me?

2. What is Shop On Pickupp?

Shop On Pickupp's goal and intention is to provide physical as well as small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) who wish to transition online the necessary payment and delivery infrastructure to sell their products. With our tech-enabled delivery capability, we also support them with automatic delivery fulfilment. As such, we welcome all sorts of enterprises, including home-based businesses! We are strong believers of the fact that how you receive your product is as important as the product itself. Shop On Pickupp taps on our ecosystem of businesses and expertise in delivery services to provide customers with unique products and promotions that come with a wonderful delivery experience.

3. How is Shop On Pickupp different from other e-commerce platforms?

Unlike other e-commerce and food delivery platforms, Shop On Pickupp provides islandwide delivery to customers at very affordable prices, sometimes even free. Delivery to you is absolutely free and fulfilment is also automatic so you save time on managing and arranging your deliveries! We know how hard it can be to meet the demands and schedule of an on-demand food delivery platform. With Shop On Pickupp, you can set your shop to prepare for an order with a 2 - 5 days notice and also set a daily cap limit. Learn how easy it is to list your food and products via Shop On Pickupp & start delivering now!

4. How can I benefit from listing my product on the Shop On Pickupp platform?

While we're not a marketplace, every brand and product that gets featured on our platform receives significant promotion. By listing with us, you can expect to reach more than 50,000 users on our database and more than 100,000 people through our paid Facebook and Google ads that will be dedicated to promoting your product. Read and learn how our partnership with Brotherbird Bakehouse helped to increase their reach across Singapore here!

5. What is your commission fee?

It's on a case by case basis and really flexible to your budget and needs. Fill up the form and we'll tell you more!

6. What if I wish to stop listing on your platform?

Sure, try us out and see how we work. If you're not keen to continue with the listing, just let us know anytime!

7. I have several shops under my brand and would like to consider a partnership with Shop On Pickupp.

Learn about our partnership with Digital Shilin 2020 here!

Order Related

1. My products are sold out. Please help to list my products as sold out.

Please livechat us your exact shop name and the products you wish to list as sold out and we’ll get back to you!

2. I would like to change the time slot for my shop.

Please livechat us the time slots you would like to change to and we’ll get back to you. Please note that we support a 2-hour delivery timeframe for delivery within a 6 - 8km radius and a 4-hour delivery timeframe for islandwide.

3. I am unable to fulfill an order and would like to cancel it.

Please kindly avoid cancelling an order as it will not be a good experience to customers and will reflect badly on your brand as well as Pickupp. If you are unable to fulfil any order, you are always encouraged to offer replacement and explanation by contacting your customer directly -- Customers would appreciate that! Please also inform us ahead of time as your delivery agent may already be on his/her way! If you really have to cancel an order, you will be charged a cancellation fee once an order has been placed by a customer. As such, please avoid any cancellation of orders and ensure that you have the capacity to meet every order at every time slot.

4. How do I pack my food for delivery to customers?

You are encouraged to: Minimise movement of items by filling extra space in your package with padding or other form of protection. Use materials such as bubble wrap/cardboards etc for added padding to provide protection and stabilise your food. Seal all packaging, paper or plastic with tape Label containers/packaging materials as “Fragile” For Frozen Food: Appropriate insulation in sturdy insulated foam containers or chilled bags is encouraged. Dry ice/ice pack is recommended to keep food frozen. For Drinks/Bottles: Wrap and seal individual bottles separately for extra padding and added protection. A bottle/cup holder is encouraged to keep the bottles/cups in upright position For Meals: Keep hot meals away from cold drinks and frozen desserts. Separate and wrap soup and sauce-based dishes from the main ingredient. For Baked Goods: You are recommended to wrap baked goods with an airtight seal. If possible, wrap each item individually and pack them snugly in a tin or other sturdy container.

Delivery Related

1. What do I have to prepare for the food delivery before collection?

You are required to either print the QR code available on the Pickupp dashboard and pass it to your delivery agent to scan, or simply give your delivery agent the first 4 digits (Pin code) of the specific order number he is collecting for. Pickupp has prepared a standard label for each delivery order. If you wish to use this, you may download it here and print it to label your delivery packages.

Pickupp Food Label

Alternatively, just remember to write the necessary details on your parcel. Basic information to provide for each delivery: First 4 digits of order number (as PIN code) Customer’s full name

2. How do I know that my delivery agent is collecting the right parcel?

If you’ve a number of orders, do check and ensure that each item is labelled accurately with the 4 digits order number as well as the customer’s full name. You can also check back against the recipient’s name and address.