Stick & Earn

Thank you for your interest! However, we are currently not acceptingany new sign ups. Existing stickers partners will not be affected. Should you require any assistance, please feel freeto contact us via email at Once again, we appreciate your interest inPickupp's Stick & Earn programme, thank you.

Stick & Earn Referral

Refer your fellow drivers to install Pickupp stickers and you'll receive a one-time cash reward from us for every successful installation!

Why Stick with Pickupp?

Utilise the exterior space of your vehicle and stick Pickupp stickers! We have tons of sticker variations, so you don't have to worry about aesthetic ✨

Exclusive Partner Benefits

Exclusive Partner Benefits

Enjoy benefits from our various partners when you stick with us.

Earn up to $75 monthly!

Earn up to $75 monthly!

Once Pickupp sticker decals have been installed on your vehicle, let us know and you'll receive the payout instantly.

Sticker Decals

We are Flexible!

Already have existing sticker decals from other companies? Fret not - we still welcome you!

Sticker Decals Mockup

Select your preference and we'll do the rest!


Here's how you can Stick with Pickupp!


Fill up the above form

The application process is easy and short. Just fill up the details above & we will contact you within 3 working days. Alternatively, you may contact us at +65 8780 1899 via WhatsApp.


Install the sticker decals

An appointment will be arranged for you to install the sticker decals.


Receive your payout

Send us a photo of your vehicle with Pickupp sticker decals for verification and receive your special payout every month!

Stick with Pickupp FAQ

How can I be a part of this and receive this monthly payout?

1. You will have to be officially registered as a Pickupp Delivery Agent to be a part of this initiative. Register and learn the steps to be a delivery agent with Pickupp. (It's free to join us!) Also note that although you've to be registered as a delivery agent with Pickupp to receive the payout, it's not necessary for you to deliver with us to benefit from this incentive. 2. After making sure you're registered, we'll guide you on the steps to receive the payout with us monthly via your bank account. All you have to do is to submit a photo with the sign of the month here next to the Pickupp sticker decal on your vehicle to us every month for verification purposes. For the latest updates, stay tuned to the Pickupp Delivery Agents Telegram!

How long do I have to leave the sticker decal on for?

You have to leave the sticker decal on for a minimum of 1 year based on your selection. However, should there be circumstances in which a shorter contract term is required, kindly note that payout will be pro-rated accordingly. Contact us for more information!

Can I choose more than one Pickupp sticker option?

Yes, you may choose to stick both the side and bumper van/car decals and earn more!

What will happen if I remove the sticker decal before the 1 year agreement is up?

You’ll be required to sign a contract as part of the agreement. Removing the sticker decal before the 1 year will be considered a breach of agreement and you’ll be liable to legal consequences.

I need to remove stickers from another brand before sticking Pickupp's stickers. Can Pickupp help me?

Yes, we will remove any small existing stickers you have on your vehicle for free! Just indicate if you've a sticker to remove on our form. We are also flexible If you wish to leave on your existing stickers and add on ours. For instance, you can have both Lalamove sticker and Pickupp sticker on your vehicle.

Will the sticker decal damage the car paint?

Our stickers is an Orajet Sticker and no paint damage should occur due to our stickers. However, we’re not liable for any inappropriate removal of stickers. Should you wish to remove the stickers, you’re advised to make an appointment with our workshop.

Why stick with Pickupp over other delivery companies?

We have one of the highest advertising payout amongst other delivery companies. The process is seamless and its a form of passive income for you!

Hurry, stick and earn!