Newest Feature: Order Pre-Matching

Psst, have you recently noticed that some of your afternoon/evening deliveries are already accepted by our delivery heroes in the morning?

Introducing the latest feature on our platform: Order Pre-Matching!

What this means:

  • We will allow certain qualified delivery heroes to see your placed orders ahead of time
  • Our delivery heroes will be able to plan their routes and accept orders in advance, so you can have more peace of mind (Don’t worry, our heroes are strictly not allowed to cancel deliveries once accepted!)
  • If your orders are not accepted during this pre-match duration, orders will follow the standard timeline, i.e. to be dispatched 30 minutes before the arranged pick-up time, as outlined here
  • Take note that this feature does not mean non-guaranteed orders will always be matched with a delivery hero

This feature not only provides delivery heroes more time to plan their routes and better handle the deliveries, but also allow you to have more certainty and know who will be delivering for you in advance.

Not to worry though; in case there are any changes to your already-accepted deliveries, you can still cancel free of charge up to 2 hours before the arranged pick up time.

(However, we kindly urge that you please refrain from any cancellations)

Place your deliveries at least 1 day in advance (up to 10 pm) to enjoy this feature!


Top100 FightClub Echelon Asia Summit 2018

After winning one of the Singapore Judges’ Choice award during the qualifier round, we took part in the Top 100 Fight Club Startup Pitch in the Echelon Asia Summit 2018 on 28-29 June.

Our highly optimised technology to continuously improve last-mile delivery service is our winning formula, and we will keep on working hard to offer the most efficient, dynamic, low cost solutions to fulfil any delivery needs.

Months of preparation has come to an end and we are very proud to be a part of this huge annual event, where we get to network with investors, tech-enthusiasts, and fellow start-ups!

This has been a humbling, thoughtful learning experience for us and we thank you for your support!

Echelon is a flagship platform by e27 that empowers insights, connections, talent, and funding opportunities for all stakeholders of Asia’s tech ecosystem. The top 100 teams are chosen across 23 APAC cities by community leaders and ecosystem expertise.


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