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Last mile delivery refers to the final movement of products from business to consumer. Unlike first mile delivery, which refers to the movement of products from a production facility to a warehouse, middle person or courier managing the deliveries, the last mile involves the consumer and is for many eCommerce businesses the customer’s first and only touchpoint to the product.

As such, this last leg of the delivery is extremely important and with growing consumer expectations towards deliveries, it is essential to be aware of the key last mile delivery trends and challenges so that you can optimise it for your business.

Pickupp was given the opportunity to share about “Last Mile Delivery Trends and Challenges in Singapore” alongside other logistics players in the market at the Home Delivery Asia 2019 exhibition last week!

For those who missed us at the session, here are some of the key trends and challenges that we shared:

Key Trends

Key Challenges

Free Shipping Movement – more and more consumers are expecting that delivery costs are borne by retailers/e-commerce platforms that they shop from Delivery prices are constantly being squeezed, resulting in high cost and diminishing business revenue
Shorter Delivery Timeframe and Window The need to develop a delivery/operations network which enables faster deliveries to end consumers
More consumers are starting to favour same-day or even next-day door-to-door deliveries and are willing to pay slight premiums for faster delivery options Even though customers are willing to pay slight premiums, how much more is enough to cover cost?
More Frequent Timeslots Can your delivery supply meet customers’ requests for delivery at specific timeslots?
More end-to-end visibility on parcel tracking Any delays are also monitored and tracked closely, increasing pressure on both you and the delivery agent

While the trends and challenges in last mile delivery are aplenty, the future of last mile ultimately boils down to 1 key point: Increasing expectations for cheaper and yet faster deliveries. How then do we stay ahead of the game and meet these expectations?

Here’s are some unique features and processes we’ve adopted as a last mile delivery provider to keep up with key trends and overcome challenges: 

Alongside the above features, our core products – 4-hour on-demand and next day delivery services has enabled many companies to scale their business without breaking the bank.

By adopting a 4-hour on-demand timeframe for same day deliveries instead of 1-hour express, Pickupp has been able to keep costs affordable and better fulfil our promise to deliver on time. In fact, we promise a 99% delivery success rate – where missed or late deliveries are rare and exceptional. For businesses that prefer not to have on-demand delivery services, Pickupp provides next-day and 1 – 3 days delivery services as an alternative. In comparison to businesses that only provide 3-5 days delivery services, our next day deliveries are faster and will help businesses gain an edge over their competitors.

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