Early Bird Delivery Promotion for The Annual Mooncake Season!

mooncake delivery

Why You Should Deliver with Us
  1. We Deliver Door-to-Door in 4 Hours

We promise fresh mooncakes and timely deliveries!

  1. Affordable Deliveries

With the price of mooncakes getting higher each year, you may be worried about the cost involved in continuing this yearly tradition.

Why not outsource your mooncake deliveries to us? With our affordable delivery services, you could save up to $50 per order by using our services instead!

  1. Customised Deliveries

Tell us the number of orders you expect, your mooncake type and budget. We’ll provide you with a delivery option catered to your business needs and preferences.

Flexible delivery time slots? ✔️ Emergency orders? ✔️

  1. Track all your Deliveries

Leaving the deliveries to your mooncake supplier can save you the hassle of coordination. However, it often always mean that you’re kept in the dark on whether your mooncakes has arrived safely.

With our Live GPS Tracking function, know where your mooncakes are at all times. You don’t want to risk losing it!

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