Should I Outsource The Delivery of My Products?
Own Fleet vs Outsourced vs Hybrid

Are you facing a bottleneck in your parcel deliveries and struggling to meet sudden spikes in demand? Wondering if you should start running an in-house fleet or outsource your delivery needs to a last-mile delivery provider?

Every business operates differently. While a larger company may have the capacity and bandwidth to manage their own private fleet well, smaller companies may prefer to outsource their deliveries. 

Irregardless, to improve efficiency and scale your business well, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of each logistics model and factors you should consider before making a decision on the model to adopt for your business.

Also view a case study on Singapore’s first and Southeast Asia’s largest fashion rental platform, Style Theory, and learn how adopting a hybrid delivery model had helped them to achieve a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

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