Technology Update: Track Your Parcel at Every Stage

24/7 Parcel Tracking | Reliable Courier and Delivery Service

If there’s one thing Pickupp excels in, it would be constantly improving and optimising our technology and services to improve the user experience of our customers – all with the goal of providing better deliveries and cutting down on the current inefficiencies that we see in last-mile logistics.

We’ve added a new feature that will allow both you and your customer to track the parcel at every stage!

What you will see at our merchant portal:

parcel status tracking chain on merchant portal

What your customer will see at our tracking page: 

order tracking map

With this feature, you can now know the exact time, date, and location of your parcel in real-time. Whether your parcel has arrived at the Pickupp warehouse, is on its way to the recipient, or is already delivered, we will track all of that for you!

What does this solve?

  • Ability to preempt issues and track if a parcel is slightly delayed
  • Transparency and accountability to your customers
  • Provides clarity for responsive customer service support as you will know the real-time status of every parcel at every stage of the delivery

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