Technology Feature Update: Reschedule Your Delivery!

free reschedule delivery attempt

We know that both you and your customers hate missing your parcel deliveries. It is always such a hassle to rearrange them. However, with Pickupp’s new ‘Reschedule Your Delivery’ function, your customer can now reschedule and track their own deliveries easily! There will be no more back-and-forth rescheduling of deliveries, saving both cost and time!

Here’s how (Please refer to the image above):

  1. When your customer is not present to receive their delivery, they will be notified via SMS with a link to reschedule their delivery.
  2. This link will direct them to a page where they will be instructed to select a specific timeslot for redelivery and reconfirm their details.
  3. Upon doing so, they will reach a confirmation page informing that “A new delivery has been rescheduled successfully.”
  4. With the same order number, they can track their rescheduled delivery easily!

Technology Feature Update: Account for Every Delivery Attempt!

We’ve another update to help you keep track of and sort out all your orders in an organised manner!

Here are 2 new features on our tracking dashboard: 

  1. In “Orders Overview”, you can now know whether a delivery attempt is successful or not.

delivery dashboard

For merchants who are using our next-day and 1 – 3 days delivery services, you can now track how many deliveries are successful or unsuccessful on the first and second delivery attempt. Knowing when an attempt is unsuccessful gives you the ability to pre-empt your customer ahead of time and work with them to prevent future such occurrences!

2. We’ve also included additional filters so that you can sort and categorise your orders based on the different statuses.

Reporting on your orders is now much easier!

Learn why our technology-enabled deliveries can give you an edge over using traditional couriers here.

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