Shop On Pickupp for Businesses

A One-Stop eCommerce Solution to Growing Your Business & Arranging for Hassle-Free Deliveries

Here at Shop on Pickupp for Businesses, we aim to provide businesses with an opportunity to reach new customers by promising:

  • A Seamless Online Shopping Experience
  • Free Door-to-Door Deliveries
How Does it Work?

1. Our mobile app acts as a digital eCommerce platform to both sell and advertise your products to new customers

2. Free door-to-door delivery services

  • To support your business growth, we intend to offer free delivery services for every purchase with us
  • Your customer will also enjoy the flexibility of arranging for their own delivery date and timeslot

3. Your product will be the only item featured at any given point in time

  • Expected dedicated promotion of your product through all our marketing channels, including Pay Per Click marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google

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