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Are you a Shopify or WooCommerce store owner? Have you been experiencing a surge in your sales and finding it a little difficult to fulfill your delivery orders?

Let Pickupp help you! We’ve ready and easy-to-use plugins on Shopify and WooCommerce that a lot of eCommerce businesses have been using to place their delivery orders and send their parcels. Here is what some of the businesses using us have to say about our plugin on Shopify:

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Placing delivery orders have become so easy for these eCommerce stores. With our plugin on Shopify, you can seamlessly create delivery orders from your customers’ purchase details in admin panel. There is no need to even leave your e-commerce store page to create deliveries! Also, other capabilities such as real-time tracking and order status updates make fulfilling your customers’ orders a hassle-free, efficient, and enjoyable experience.

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