Technology Feature Update: New & Improved Bulk Create Delivery!

We know how important it is to be able to upload your delivery orders in bulk. This is why we developed and improved on the ‘Bulk Create’ function on our dashboard!

Create your deliveries in bulk

Bulk Create Function (Previous)

New and Improved Bulk Create Delivery

Bulk Create Function (New)

Identify the key improvements that were made here:

Bulk Create (Previous) Bulk Create (Now)
Upload of up to 100 delivery orders at one go. Upload up to 1000 delivery orders so you don’t need to split your CSV files anymore.
Editing/Changing of orders upon upload has to be done manually and one by one. Need to edit the address for all your orders? You can now bulk edit the specific details of all your orders at one go!
Necessary to upload all your orders in one sitting. In the process of uploading your orders by closed the tab by accident or need to attend something else? Not to worry, your orders will still remain as status quo in the bulk create tab. This will allow you to continue the process anytime!
No categorisation and No Partial Placement of orders: Orders have to be sorted out one by one before you can proceed to request for delivery. Categorisation of Orders and Partial Placement of orders: Identify any errors in your orders easily, proceed to request deliveries for orders that are ready.

What do you think of this new and improved feature? Let us know any thoughts/comments/feedback you may have here! 🙂