Grow your brand today with our API solution

Grow your brand today with our API solution

Application Programming Interface (API) solution - the tool you need to automate tasks and make scaling your business simple. Get it either through Pickupp API Integration or Delivery Plug-in.

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Pickupp API
Pickupp's API Integration

Pickupp API Integration

Helping to solve repetitive logistical tasks by enabling automated order generation, airway bills, and many more.
What Pickupp API integration can do for your business
Seamless Order Generation

Seamless Order Generation

Create, update, or cancel an order with the click of a button! Your business can easily do these changes and navigate between your platform and Pickupp’s dashboard.

Automated Billing System

Automated Billing System

Acts as a bridge between your business and the external billing system. You can generate your airway bill through the integrated system conveniently.

Customised digital dashboards

Customised digital dashboards

Your business can have seamless access to required delivery data from Pickupp’s system with low risk of data loss. As sharing of data between the platforms is enhanced, it improves connectivity and interaction, allowing for a streamlined data flow.

Pickupp Signup

Integrate your platform with us in 5 simple steps

1. Register an account for UAT 2. Generate API token 3. Implement API 4. Test integration 5. Schedule to go live with a Pickupp engineer

Shopify and Woocomerce Delivery Plug-in

Pickupp is fully integrated with Shopify and Woocomerce! Want to save the hassle of having to upload orders manually? You can do so now with Pickupp’s Plugin.
In 3 easy steps, you can fully integrate Pickupp with Shopify or Woocommerce.
Link Shopify/Woocommerce store with Pickupp’s dashboard

Step 1:

Link Shopify/Woocommerce store with Pickupp’s dashboard

You will be alerted to resolve any errors if there’s any issues with your orders

Step 2:

You will be alerted to resolve any errors if there’s any issues with your orders

Select your orders and send it for delivery via Pickupp

Step 3:

Select your orders and send it for delivery via Pickupp

Start automating your order fulfilment process and save time!


What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface! In this case, it is the syncing of your system and Pickupp's system that allows data to be shared.

How do I know if I am eligible for API integration?

All businesses are able to get API integrated as long as they have their own platform and is able to modify the code on their site! All you need to do is to create a UAT account. Find out more here.

Are there additional charges?

Definitely not! We know how important it is to be able to integrate your business and Pickupp’s system. Therefore, by making API integration completely free, we hope to help you and your business to have a smooth transition into using Pickupp’s system.

Is it possible to do it by myself?

Yes. We have created an informational guide to help businesses do the API integration by themselves if they choose to. Additionally, detailed instructions on how to use the system have been provided.

Who should I contact if I encounter a problem?

If there is anything that you are unsure of, you may contact our Pickupp Engineer anytime at Before going live, our Pickupp Engineer will also schedule a joint testing with you to ensure that all the data are handled correctly.

What are some important features that can help me?

We have features such as:
  • Create, Cancel or Update order
  • Get order status
  • Quote order fees
  • Receive delivery status updates promptly
Find out more here! Our Engineering team is constantly improving the API integration process to provide a better experience for customers. New API updates will be updated in the link above.