Pickupp Zero

Zero Carbon, Sustainable Future

Zero Carbon, Sustainable Future

Pickupp Zero | Tapping on our tech-logistic solutions to reduce carbon emission, making rounds of efficient deliveries in an environmental-friendly way.

Pickupp Zero
Join us to decarbonise your deliveries in the most efficient way!
Pickupp Zero

Pickupp Zero

Opt for 'Pickupp Zero' during order creation to help reduce carbon emission for every delivery made.

Reduce carbon emission

Carbon Neutral Deliveries

Using carbon neutral diesel to power efficient islandwide deliveries. Pickupp supports global nature-based projects that protect and enhance biodiversity to ensure our planet thrives.

Pickupp Zero certificate

Carbon Emission Reduced

Pickupp Zero certificate will be issued to confirm that your deliveries have successfully helped to reduce carbon emission, creating a positive impact to the environment.

Delivering Towards The Global Goal

Delivering Towards The Global Goal

We believe companies that focus on societal needs and create sustainable solutions in its long-term strategies would be more resilient to deal with severe events and safeguard its success. Pickupp aims to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We hope to provide a shared blueprint for a sustainable future through the following actions: • Proprietary bundling technology to reduce delivery trips • Encourage delivery agents to utilise public transportation • Offer green packaging options to reduce non-recyclable waste • Improve resource efficiency by tapping into underutilised vehicles and spaces • Support SMEs and neighbourhood businesses

Sustainable Development Goals
Going Green: Benefits of Sustainability in Businesses
Corporate leadership

Demonstrates corporate leadership and strengthen your company's position

Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributes to corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Reduce Carbon Emission

Has a positive impact on communities around the world by offsetting carbon emission through verified projects

Sustainable Business Practices

Begins, or continues sustainable business practices

Eco-Friendly Delivery Methods

Meets the increasing demands of internal and external stakeholders

Enhance Environment Protection

Improves the sense of belonging of employees with common environmental protection concept

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