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Frequently asked questions

Delivery Agent FAQ

How can I become a delivery agent?

We welcome all Singaporean residents who are 16 years old and above and are interested to earn extra income by delivering for Pickupp! To get started, please sign up for our free training session on our website here and attend our online training session to activate your account.

I did not receive any email after signing up for an online training session. What should I do?

We're sorry that you did not receive an email! However, to be activated as a delivery agent with Pickupp, simply follow the steps detailed in this article here.

How long is the training?

It is approximately 1 hour or less. Simply download the Pickupp Hero mobile app, and we will direct you to complete an online training video and test. Simply follow the required steps to activate your account with us and you can start earning and accepting orders immediately after.

Do I have to prepare anything before the training?


Identity document

Proof of address

Driver Licence

Vehicle Registration














Van/ Trucks





Do I need to pay a fee to join Pickupp?

No. Joining Pickupp is completely free of charge. Pickupp will only collect a commission after you have completed your delivery orders.

I have a full time job. Can I work part-time?

Absolutely. It's flexible and you can decide on how many orders you want to take everyday. Be your own boss! On a busy day, just don't take any.

How many orders can I take at a time ?

As a first-time delivery agent, you can take up to 6 orders at a time. Upon delivering more orders for Pickupp, you will be upgraded and be able to take more orders at a time! As you deliver more jobs with us, you can be upgraded to different tiers and unlock more benefits, rewards and incentives. Understand the Pickupp tier system here!

When will I be paid?

Payments are made on a weekly basis, every Friday! However, payment will be delayed if you 1) Have an outstanding Cash on Delivery balance, 2) Fail to upload Proof of Cash transfer, 3) Fail to upload any Signed Delivery Note

What kind of bonuses and incentives does Pickupp have?

The additional bonuses and incentives differs at every point in time. Stay tuned to us on the Pickupp Delivery Agents Telegram for the latest updates! During the peak sales season, for example, during Christmas or Valentine's Day, when more supply is needed, you can expect to earn much more on our platform. Pickupp delivery agents can also enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits with our vehicle rental, insurance, mobile plan partners and more!

How can I earn more money with Pickupp?

Join our Stick and Earn programme and earn a passive income of up to $75/month! Details here!

Can I deliver for Pickupp if I don't have a car or van?

Yes you can! You can walk, ride a bike or drive to deliver with us! We're that flexible. Should you wish to rent a vehicle, do also check out our partnerships with vehicle rental companies here for exclusive discounts!