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Delivery Agent FAQ

General FAQ

How Do I Use the Pickupp Hero App?

Under "Available Orders", you will be able to view the list of orders that you can take. There are different filters at the top of the page to help you easily filter out orders you want to take. Before accepting the order, please remember to know the following: 1. Cargo weight (kg) 2. Pickup and pickup time 3. Detailed address for pickup and collection 4. Price 5. Remarks (if any) Matters requiring special attention, such as delivery note (Delivery Note), cash on delivery (COD), etc.

Type of Orders

1. Prematch Orders Pre-match Orders are available from 11:00pm for delivery on the following day. With pre-match orders, you schedule and manage your time more easily! 2. Bundled Orders Bundled Orders are multiple jobs with nearby pick up/drop off points. Acceptance of the bundle equates to the acceptance of the entire amount of orders in the bundle. 3. Dispatch Orders Dispatch Orders are recommended to you by the system based on your real-time location. You will be able to receive unique orders close to where you are! 4. Hot Orders Hot Orders are indicated with the a fire icon. These are orders that vary widely in location and are available to all. 5. Pool Orders Pool Orders are orders that do not fall in the above categories. 6. Cash On Delivery The recipient will pay you cash upon receiving the parcel.

General Delivery Procedures (Pick up / Dropoff / Unable to Pick up / Unable to Deliver)

How to Pick Up: 1. After receiving the order, you can check the place and time of the order by "My Order". 2. Go to the pickup location and turn on GPS positioning. 3. Scan the QR code to confirm the pickup. 6. If there is no QR code, you can enter the first four digits of the order number. 7. Proceed to en route and deliver the order. To Drop off, please proceed with these steps: 1. Take a photo for proof of delivery 2. Obtain signature by recipient for acknowledgement If the recipient is not around and uncontactable: please contact the merchant and seek advice. If the merchant uncontactable, proceed with unable to deliver. Unable to Pick Up: In the case of pickup, there are special circumstances to take action when the pickup cannot be made: - QR code is not scanned - Passcode is not entered If the parcel is picked up, you will be required to submit photo as proof and process it through "Unable to Deliver" or "Contact Us." Return to Merchant/Warehouse: When the recipient is uncontactable at the drop off point and the warehouse requests for the parcel to be returned. - Obtain confirmation for return - Click on "More Actions"> "Unable to Deliver" - Select send back to merchant

Unable to Deliver/Late Penalty/Cancellation of Orders

"Unable to Deliver" For "Cash On Delivery" Orders

In the event that you are unable to collect cash for "Cash On Delivery" orders, Pickupp will refund you and credit the entire amount back to "My Wallet". You will see a new transaction record.

Cancellation of Orders

Delivery agents are not allowed to cancel their orders. There is a 100% no-cancellation policy. In the event that the merchant/sender cancels the order, delivery agents will be reimbursed 50% of the accepted price (capped at $5).

Late Penalty

Please abide by the pick up and drop off time shown in-app. Being late will result in a penalty of 50%. 20% Pickupp platform fee will still be included on top of the penalty.

Cash On Delivery

How Does "Cash On Delivery" Orders Work?

After the launch of "My Wallet", you will not be required to transfer the amount into Pickupp's bank account after receiving the payment for the "Cash On Delivery" order. The amount of cash collected for "Cash On Delivery" orders will be deducted from "My Wallet". Cash received from the "Cash On Delivery" order you've taken already belongs to you.

What Should I Do after Receiving the Cash for a Cash on Delivery (COD) Order?

No further action will be required and you will be able to keep the cash as your earnings.

What Will Happen to My Available Balance After I Accept a Cash on Delivery (COD) Order?

The amount will automatically be deducted from your Available Balance after you accept a Cash On Delivery (COD) Order.

After Receiving the Cash For"Cash on Delivery" Order, Which Bank Account Should Cash Be Deposited In?

After the launch of "My Wallet", you will not be required to transfer the amount into Pickupp's bank account after receiving the payment for the "Cash on Delivery" order. The amount of cash collected for "cash on delivery" order will be deducted from "My Wallet". Cash received for the "cash on delivery" order already belongs to you.

Why Are There No "Cash On Delivery" Orders under "Available Orders"?

If "My Wallet" balance is less than the "Cash On Delivery" amount, you will not be able to view or accept any "Cash On Delivery" orders. Pickupp recommends that your "Available Balance" in "My Wallet" balance should not be less than $50. This will allow you to see more orders.

My Wallet

Where Should I Upload the Delivery Note?

As usual, kindly upload the Delivery Note under under "My Earnings".

Do I Still Need to fill out the Google Form?

As usual, you still be required to fill in the form and flag out if there is any discrepancy in your earnings every Monday, 2200. Kindly highlight any discrepancies via "Contact Us" and provide proof.

When Is the Deadline to Confirm the Previous Week's Payroll?

The deadline to confirm your previous week's payroll is Every Monday at 2200.

What Is the Minimum Cash out Amount?

Delivery Agent Wallet Cash Out

The minimum cash out amount is $20.

When Is the Deadline for to Request for Cash Out?

The deadline to request for Cash Out is Every Tuesday at 2359 in order to receive your earnings on the Friday of that week.

When Will the Amount Reflect in My Available Balance If I Top up My Wallet?

Delivery Agent Wallet Total Earnings

Your total earnings will be reflected in your wallet Every Tuesday at 1400.

When Will My Earnings Be Deposited into My Bank?

If you requested for Cashout by Tuesday, 2359, your earnings will be deposited into your bank on the same Friday by 2359.* *Subject to bank approval

When Will the Amount Reflect in My Available Balance If I Top up My Wallet?

The amount will be reflected in your Available Balance everyday at 1400.

Transaction Failed (Wrong Bank Account) During Withdrawal

Delivery Agent Wallet Transaction Failed

In the event where the transaction status is stated as 'Transaction Failed (Wrong Bank Account)', Pickupp will revert the cashout amount back into "My Wallet".

What Is the Minimum Amount Required to Retain for the Available Balance in "My Wallet"?

There is no minimum amount but the recommended amount to retain in your Available Balance is $50 so that you can unlock more COD orders.

When Can I Withdraw from "My Wallet"?

Delivery Agent Cash Out

The minimum amount for cash out is $20 and you may request for Cashout as many times as you want. However, Pickupp will consolidate it into one transaction every Tuesday, 2359. The amount will be deposited into your bank on the same Friday by 2359.* *Subject to bank approval

Where Can I See the Details of My Earnings?

Delivery Agent Earnings

You will be able to view your earnings under "My Wallet".

How Will I Know If My Funds Are Being Processed by the Bank?

Delivery Agent Wallet Transaction History Instruction Submitted

You will be able to check the status under "Transaction History". If your funds are being processed by the bank, the status will be reflected as "Instruction Submitted".