Introducing Pickupp's Hero Tier

Oct 11, 2020 7:01 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents

Introducing Pickupp Hero Tier

Hello Pickupp Heroes! Delivery agents will be able to progress up tiers and unlock more benefits! Existing and new delivery agents who created an account with us will automatically be included in this programme.

1. Pickupp Hero Tiers

Pickupp Hero Delivery Agent Tier

There are four different types of tier:

1) Rookie 2) Lite 3) Super 4) Hero **All new delivery agents will start from Rookie Hero tier and will be able to progress to higher tiers once they hit the requirements for the respective tier.

2. How Do I Level Up Tiers?

To progress to the next tier, there are three requirements: - Experience Points (EXP) - On Time Rate - Good Recipient Rating Rate The tier you will be in will be based on these three factors within the 14 day window period, and will reset every two weeks.
Pickupp Hero Tier Level

How do I accumulate Experience Points (EXP)?

Completed Orders (Delivered/Returned): One(1) EXP will be rewarded for every completed order On-Time Rate (Punctuality): One(1) additional EXP will be rewarded if order is completed on time - Strictly no extensions/ waivers are allowed. Ensure your orders are always picked up and dropped off punctuality to maintain your on-time rate. Time extensions and waivers will not be taken into consideration. Good Rating Rate (Recipient’s Rating): One(1) additional EXP will be rewarded if the recipient gives you a 5-star good rating! Simply complete more orders on time and get good ratings to accumulate more EXP! Tier adjustments will be made every 14 days, taking into account of your EXP Points, On-Time Rate and Good Rate Rating.

3. What Benefits Will I Be Able to Enjoy?

Pickupp Hero Tier Benefits
Benefit 1: Your delivery capacity will increase as you progress up each tier. This will allow you to take up more orders at a time and earn more in the process! Benefit 2: The ability to take up "Jobs"! Jobs are clustered orders that will be going to the same region. This means that you can optimise your earnings by taking orders from similar locations in the shortest time possible! Benefit 3: Be able to "unlock" more orders and gain access to "Express" orders. Express orders are usually 1-hour delivery orders, and are usually priced higher. Benefit 4: Gain access to rewards such as Fairprice vouchers, fuel discounts & many more!

4. How Do I Check The Tier That I’m In?

Check your current tier status on the go with the Pickupp Hero app!
Pickupp Hero Tier Profile
Simply follow the following steps: 1) Open the Pickupp Hero App 2) Tap on ‘Profile’ You will be able to view your current tier status, EXP points, On Time Rate, Good Rating Rate as well as how much you have to accumulate in order to progress to the next tier! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via intercom or refer to our Delivery Agent FAQ page for more information.

Interested to be a delivery agent with Pickupp?

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