5 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Restaurant's Delivery Services

Jun 23, 2020 1:23 AM

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5 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Business' Delivery Services

Wooohoo it's Phase 2 and this means back to dining in at restaurants! 🥂 However, for those of you who have worked hard to set up delivery processes for your restaurants and shops over the past 2 months, ensuring that your delivery services continues becomes extremely important. Providing the options of both dine in and delivery will always translate to more sales for your business. However, if you've had your hands full with managing your restaurant's delivery services over the past 2 months, it might be time to consider a long-term delivery strategy that is sustainable for your business. We of course, see the advantages of outsourcing your delivery services and let us tell you why! Managing delivery operations can be challenging for most restaurant owners, especially as they typically have their hands full with everyday tasks. One of the best ways to address this problem is to outsource delivery services, ensuring quality service in a cost-effective manner. This is why a lot of small and large businesses are starting to take on third-party food delivery services. However, there are still some entrepreneurs who are uncertain if this is indeed a good solution. And if you're one of them, we can help you out by discussing what you can gain from such services. Take a look at the following ways outsourcing delivery services can benefit your business.

1. Reduced operational costs

As mentioned earlier, cost-effectiveness is the primary benefit of outsourcing. With a professional delivery service, you no longer have to allot a budget for vehicle expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and repair costs. The delivery company takes care of all of those things for you. What’s more, they provide the manpower needed for delivery operations. That can spare you the additional cost of hiring and training delivery personnel in-house.

2. On-time deliveries

A good delivery service can do a lot to ensure that orders get to your customers on time. After all, delivery is their focus, so they should have personnel who are trained to do deliveries quickly, find the best routes easily, and the like. The resulting efficiency of delivery operations will leave a great impression on your clients… and all without requiring you to work out the logistics of the operation yourself!

3. Increased reliability

In line with the previous note, delivery companies can bring up the reliability and efficiency of your delivery operations. That’s because most of them come with trained staff focused on delivery and shipping. These people can help reduce the possibility of errors when taking orders, like listing the wrong menu item, mixing up addresses, etc. Indeed, some professional delivery services may even provide you with communications software that provides enhanced accuracy -- again, that allows you to earn loyalty due to increased customer satisfaction.

4. Improved quality and productivity

As you have a separate service provider who can handle orders and deliveries, you and your in-house staff can focus on your core operations. That means preparing meals quickly, ensuring supply quality, and more. It also means you’ll find it easier to keep a safe and sanitary kitchen. A lot of restaurants fall short here because they find themselves unable to allocate enough people to all the things that need to be done. The result? Failure to comply with food safety measures, in many cases. That’s because the tendency is to cut corners on food prep and sanitary procedures when time is short. When done properly, food prep and sanitation take a lot of time! But skimping on things like that is a serious problem for any restaurant. It can lead to regulatory issues, a destroyed reputation, and loss of customers if not addressed ASAP. Indeed, according to the specialists at Gastroenterologist Singapore, most of the patients they see with upset stomachs due to poor restaurant food swear off the restaurants concerned afterwards… and their doctors support that measure, for obvious reasons. That’s why relieving your staff of delivery tasks can actually contribute to your output quality and brand reputation indirectly. It means your staff will have more time to focus on the food, the way they prepare it, and the quality of the cooked dishes.

5. Larger customer base

Delivery service providers can usually cover wider areas than in-house delivery staff because they have the infrastructure for it. That’s why outsourcing delivery services can help you expand your reach and build your brand. That can be very useful if you think you’re not reaching as many of the customers in your area as you should be. Instead of investing in a scaled-up in-house delivery operation, it would be much cheaper to invest in a good delivery service provider instead!

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