The Best Shopify Delivery App and Plugin in Singapore!

Nov 5, 2021 9:50 PM

Pickupp Tech

Pickupp Is Now Integrated With Shopify

Do you have a store with Shopify? Or are you thinking of creating your own online store with Shopify but are wondering if they've suitable delivery options? A delivery app/plugin would be one of the most important Shopify apps you need to build a better e-commerce store. During the peak season, when things get busy, the need to have a seamless and efficient fulfilment process becomes increasingly important. Instead of having to upload your orders manually or liaise separately with another courier delivery partner, a delivery app/plugin that is fully integrated with Shopify allows you to select the orders you wish to send for delivery directly, without having to re-upload your customer's details, saving you much time! Shopify provides several delivery apps/plugins for their stores. However, not every delivery app has the services and features that will allow you to meet your specific delivery needs. The Pickupp plugin has a 5 star rating and is has a wide range of delivery services for businesses of all sizes. You can find our plugin here on Shopify! P.S. If your online store is based on Wordpress, you can find our Woocommerce plugin here.

Learn how the Pickupp delivery app/plugin works with Shopify and why we're the best app for your Shopify store!

Shopify Delivery App/Plugin
The Pickupp plugin is API integrated with Shopify. This means that all Shopify store owners who links their store with Pickupp is able to receive access to our digital dashboard and its full suite of technology-enabled features: - Select up to 1000 orders from your Shopify store and send it for delivery in bulk with just a few clicks - Expect real-time updates of your delivery status and receive access to your delivery agent's contact - Transparent service and photo proof of delivery so you can be assured of the success of your delivery! Read on to learn more about how you can expect to benefit from this integration and navigate our dashboard!

Here are what some eCommerce store owners have to say about our plugin on Shopify:

Pickupp App 5 Star Reviews on Shopify

How can I start using Pickupp's plugin on Shopify?

Step 1: Register for a Pickupp account

Simply click on this link directly to register for an account with us or login if you already have an account with us. Following this step, you can link your Shopify store directly from Pickupp's digital dashboard.

Step 2: Link your Shopify Store with Pickupp's Delivery Dashboard

Shopify Delivery App/Plugin
After logging in, you'll receive access to our digital dashboard. Simply click on the Shopify tab and link your store! In doing so, you can receive full access to your Shopify orders whenever you visit the 'Shopify' tab on our digital dashboard.

Step 3: Start selecting your Shopify orders and send it for delivery with Pickupp!

Our dashboard automatically separates orders with missing information and those that are ready to deliver.
Pickupp Shopify Errors
It's really that simple and fuss-free. All orders from your Shopify store will be indicated in the Pickupp dashboard. All you'll have to do is select all the unfulfilled and paid orders you wish to send for delivery, check for errors and proceed to request for delivery!
Shopify Admin Page
Don’t forget to indicate the QR/passcode on your parcel and track your delivery status on the link provided. The activity log of this order will be shown on the ‘Timeline’.

How much does it cost to deliver with Pickupp via my Shopify store?

If you don't already know, Pickupp offers a range of delivery services, from 2-Hour Express, 4-Hour Express, Same day, to Standard (1 - 3 days) delivery. The prices and services we can offer is flexible and depends on your business' budget and delivery needs. If you're a Shopify store owner with regular delivery needs and wish to explore our standard (1 - 3 days) delivery services that start from $2.80, simply fill up the form below and someone will be in touch! Alternatively, if you've ad-hoc delivery needs (less than 30 deliveries a month), you may wish to use our 2-Hour and 4-Hour on-demand delivery services. Simply download the Pickupp User mobile app or get a quote here! You may also consider using any of Pickupp Service Points to collect, drop off and store your parcels.