COVID-19: Pickupp's Delivery Guidelines

Mar 12, 2020 4:47 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents

COVID-19: Pickupp's Delivery Guidelines

*Updated 3 April 2020 Dear Pickupp Merchants, Users and Delivery Agents, In response to the earlier announcement made by the Singapore government on the closure of schools and workplaces, we would like to establish that Pickupp, as an essential logistics service, will continue its operations. Your safety and well-being is of utmost priority to us and in light of the coronavirus climate in the world today, we have taken steps to ensure the safety of all our partners and delivery agents. Below are some of the guidelines and advice we've for you, which will be continually updated as the situation evolves:

Stay Safe and Practice Contactless Delivery with Pickupp!

Pickupp - Contactless Delivery

To our merchants and users:

- We are expecting lower supply and a higher volume of deliveries in the coming weeks. Please bear with us and accept our sincere apologies if there're delays as we work hard to meet your delivery orders. - We reserve the right to turn down or cancel deliveries to high-risk or protected areas such as hospitals and schools if necessary. However, please be assured that we will still do our best to fulfil your delivery requests. - Pickupp will continue to encourage contactless delivery, where recipients will no longer be asked for their e-signature as proof of delivery until further notice. - To prevent further contact, you are strongly encouraged to leave instructions for delivery agents to leave parcels in front of the door. You can do so by indicating this in the Delivery Note when you create your order. Photo proof of delivery still has to be taken and will be made available on our dashboard. - Should you have any queries/concerns, please contact us via Live Chat.

To our delivery agents:

- Delivery jobs will continue to be available on the Pickupp Hero app. We also expect a surge in delivery orders in the coming weeks so should you be healthy and wish to deliver, do check the app frequently for jobs. - You're strongly encouraged to maintain contactless delivery and will not need to submit the recipient's e-signature as proof of delivery until further notice. - However, while e-signature is no longer mandatory for the time-being, please note that it is still essential for you to take a photo proof of every delivery. Do ensure that the photo reflects the parcel and surroundings of the drop-off location clearly. - Please be reminded to always check the Delivery Note section of your delivery orders - If you're requested to leave the parcel in front of the door, please select and follow the "Delivery Unattended" option on app. If you've any further questions, do contact us via Live Chat. - All training sessions will be held online from 8 April, Wednesday onwards. You may wish to refer your friends to sign up for trainings with us here. ( - Avoid direct contact with people as much as possible during your deliveries. Wash and sanitise your hands frequently. - Symptoms of the virus include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. If you are feeling unwell or have any of these symptoms, please do not work or attempt to complete your deliveries. Seek medical attention promptly and avoid close contact with others. - Do wash your hands with soap and water frequently and if possible, carry a hand sanitiser with you so that your hands may be kept clean at all times. - In case you become sick, develop a suspected symptom, or become a suspected case, please SMS/inform this number: +65 8686 7317 Once again, your health and well-being is important to us and we urge you to adhere to these precautions as much as possible. Latest updates of the COVID-19 situation in Singapore can be found in the MOH website here. Thank you. Regards, Team Pickupp