Success Stories: Cat & the Fiddle Scaled Their Business with Pickupp's 4-Hour Delivery Service

May 8, 2019 7:01 PM

Success Stories

How did Cat & the Fiddle Scale Their Business? It was a Piece of Cake.

Cake Deliveries - Cat & the Fiddle
Rated as one of the best cake shops in Singapore, Cat & the Fiddle started out as an eCommerce store. With no retail outlets, 100% of their cake sales were based online. Finding the right delivery partner that could meet all their requirements was thus very very important. In order to scale their business and cope with seasonal spikes in demand, Cat & the Fiddle made the strategic decision to switch from an in-house driver to a reliable last-mile delivery provider. With Pickupp, they were able to gain access to a larger pool of delivery agents, automate their deliveries to save time and improve their customer's experience. Today, Cat & the Fiddle has successfully scaled their business with 2 brick and mortar stores and a self-collection point in the east, west, and central. Whether a customer requests for a cake delivery to the west or the east, Pickupp sorts them out and assigns suitable delivery agents that will pick the cakes up from the nearest available location, just so that every order is met in optimal time and cost. Watch our interview with Cat & the Fiddle and learn how Pickupp helped them to scale their business with our 4-hour delivery services:

What were the key core features Pickupp had that helped Cat & the Fiddle scale their business?

API Integration - Pickupp's Core Features
  1. API Integration
  2. With an eCommerce API Integration feature, orders made by customers on Cat & the Fiddle's website is automatically connected to Pickupp's delivery portal, ready for immediate delivery. As such, there is no need for Cat & the Fiddle to key orders or upload their customers' details manually. This saves them an immense amount of time.
  3. 24/7 Real-Time Parcel Tracking and SMS Notification
  4. With our 24/7 real-time parcel tracking feature that tells you exactly where your parcels are at any point in time, as well as SMS notification informing customers when their parcel would arrive, Cat & the Fiddle is able to improve their customers' experience and now spends lesser time answering delivery-related queries.
  5. Affordability
  6. Previously, when Cat & the Fiddle had an in-house driver that travelled from point to point for their deliveries, it was difficult for them to optimise time to save cost, especially when emergency orders arose. With a larger pool of drivers and technological capability to sort out orders based on location, prices from Pickupp are kept affordable.

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