Success Stories: Style Theory Achieves 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate with Hybrid Delivery Model

Jun 26, 2019 5:41 PM

Success Stories

Style Theory Achieves a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate with Hybrid Delivery Model

Good Delivery Experience
Deliveries are a customer’s first physical touchpoint to your product and service. Recognising this, Style Theory, Southeast Asia’s largest fashion rental subscription service, made the bold move of switching up the company’s logistics model in a bid to enhance their customer experience. With a hybrid delivery model that consists of Style theory’s own fleet and a partnership with Pickupp, the company succeeded in achieving a high customer satisfaction rate of 98%.

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Their success would not have been possible without careful planning and a well-thought out delivery strategy. As they wanted to control the entire customer experience from purchase to drop-off to returns or exchange, they felt that it was necessary to have their own fleet of drivers. However, this fixed supply of drivers is limited by capacity and are unable to respond to sudden surges in demand. To tackle that, they needed to find a reliable delivery provider that had the capacity to meet any urgent requests for deliveries.
Express Delivery
Are you facing a bottleneck in your deliveries and struggling to meet sudden spikes in demand? Unsure of how to cope with seasonal fluctuations in your need for deliveries? Wondering if you should move away from engaging your own delivery drivers to running your own in-house fleet or outsource your deliveries to a professional courier service provider? Larger and more established business may have the capacity and bandwidth to manage their own private fleet while growing companies may prefer to outsource their own fleet. Irregardless, to improve efficiency and scale your business well, it is necessary to consider what type of model you should adopt. Learn more about Style Theory’s success story and understand the pros and cons of each delivery model and learn the factors you should consider before making a decision on the logistics model you should adopt for your business here