Pickupp's Food Delivery Booster Package - Enterprise Singapore

Jun 19, 2021 1:42 AM


Enterprise Singapore's Food Delivery Booster Package - Pickupp

Pickupp is one of the eligible third-party logistics players entitled to the Enterprise Singapore (EGS) Food Delivery Booster. Through EGS, Pickupp will support all food delivery orders placed through us from 22 July - 18 August with a 20% rebate. This rebate will only be reimbursed to eligible F&B businesses after 18 August and upon confirmation with Enterprise Singapore. Read on to learn more about the claim process.
Pickupp's Food Delivery Booster Package

Who is eligible?

- All F&B businesses with a food shop or food stall license issued by SFA. - Food that are prepared on-premise to the end-customer for immediate consumption. This includes smaller establishments like hawker stalls and cafes, to larger outfits such as food caterers and restaurants. Merchants retailing only pre- packaged products, e.g. snacks, ice cream, are excluded. - You made delivery orders with us from 18 July to 22 August 2021. To benefit from this discount, please ensure that you've an account with us. Otherwise, you can sign up here and start creating delivery orders here. Eligible F&B businesses will benefit from lower delivery cost if they fulfil their orders through Pickupp.

How can you enrol in the scheme and claim the rebate?

1) Please fill up the form here. 2) We'll reach out and be in touch on the specific steps and your eligibility. Please note that you must have a Pickupp account with delivery orders from 18 July to 22 August 2021 to be eligible for this rebate. Submission of the above form is also necessary to make your claims for the rebate.

If you're not an existing merchant with Pickupp, read more about how you can start delivering with Pickupp

Depending on your delivery needs, you can explore the various delivery schedule options; 2-Hour Express, 4-Hour Express, Same Day & Standard (1-3 Days) Delivery. F&B Establishments with ad-hoc delivery needs and expect less than 30 deliveries a month can also deliver with us too! Simply sign up for a free account with us here or download the Pickupp User mobile app and start creating your delivery orders. You can find more information about our delivery services and how it works here.

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