Success Stories: 30% Logistics Cost Savings by Floral Retailer, Flower Chimp

Jun 17, 2019 7:15 PM

Success Stories

30% Logistics Cost Savings by Flower Chimp

Being a florist is hard work and the competitive market in Singapore does not make it any easier. How then can you maximise your revenue and save on cost without compromising on the quality of your flowers? Engaging affordable delivery services for your flowers is something you can consider! Flower Chimp started using Pickupp's delivery services at the beginning of 2019. Before Pickupp, the cost they incurred from their delivery services were high. Although it was daunting at the start, Flower Chimp’s decision to switch from their existing courier service to Pickupp was a worthwhile investment that led to logistics cost savings of 30%. Change is never easy but a commitment to innovate and source for new ways to improve your business can lead to greater productivity. Flower Chimp is a one-stop online platform that delivers fresh bouquets of flowers from a variety of florists in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong. The company provides same day delivery services for their customers, as long as you order by 1pm on the very day.

How did Pickupp supported Flower Chimp's business and helped them to save cost?

1. Affordable 4-Hour, On-Demand, Same Day Deliveries

Same Day Flower Delivery
No other courier service in the market could support on-demand and express door-to-door deliveries for Flower Chimp with such affordable delivery rates from $8 per order. Being a new business, cost savings that did not compromise on quality was a priority for Flower Chimp. They needed a delivery provider with rates that could enable the company to reduce operational cost and yet meet its business needs for growth and productivity. Pickupp’s 4-hour on-demand courier capacity was the right fit for Flower Chimp’s business need, which is to support any emergency orders for flowers and ensure that their flowers arrive safely in the hands of the recipient.

2. Pickupp's Technology-Enabled Delivery Dashboard

Technology-Enabled Delivery Dashboard
Pickupp’s delivery dashboard provides Flower Chimp with a central instant reporting platform that consolidates all of their delivery orders and helps them to keep track of each flower delivery from order creation to completion. The dashboard’s user-friendly interface supports Flower Chimp with the ability to monitor their deliveries closely, pre-empt delays and answer any delivery-related customer queries easily, providing their customers with a smooth delivery experience. Overall, this contributed to Flower Chimp's efficiency and led to massive savings in terms of both cost and time.
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