Complete Guide to Pickupp's Digital Delivery Dashboard

Jul 18, 2020 1:23 AM

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Delivery Services Singapore
Many of you have asked about our delivery services! With Pickupp, all you need is a single platform to meet all your delivery needs. Whether you’ve an urgent delivery need, prefer a more affordable same day delivery service, or have regular non-perishable business delivery needs, we’ve a solution tailored to your needs and budget. Best part? You don’t have to toggle between different platforms to use our services. Read on to learn how our dashboard works.

Learn how our Dashboard works!

Merchant Delivery Dashboard

You can self-create orders on our platform easily!

Create orders in any of these 2 ways: 1. Login to our dashboard via desktop If you're a business with regular delivery needs, this approach is recommended! On our dashboard, you will be able to upload orders in bulk, track the status of each order, your monthly spendings on deliveries, and every delivery order you’ve ever made with us. Here's a guide detailing our delivery process and how you can use and make sense of our dashboard to kickstart your deliveries today! Download the Pickupp's Dashboard Guide. 2. Download the 'Pickupp User - Shop & Deliver' app Keeping the Pickupp User mobile app in your phone would be useful for any ad-hoc and occasional delivery needs. For days when you don't need deliveries, simply shop with us!

Types of Delivery Services Available

Delivery Services Rates
Do check out our delivery services page for more details.
While our Standard (1 - 3 Days) delivery services are only applicable for businesses or users with regular delivery volume (minimum 10 parcels per collection), anyone, including individuals with ad-hoc and occasional delivery needs, can use our 2-Hour, 4-Hour Express and Same Day courier services! If you have regular non-perishable delivery needs and want a more affordable delivery service, you can opt for our Standard (1 - 3 Days) delivery services by signing up for a free account with us.