How to Send A Parcel For Delivery Easily With Pickupp

Nov 2, 2020 1:01 AM

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How to Send A Parcel For Delivery Easily With Pickupp

There are tons of orders and parcels in your shop or warehouse. How can we ensure that the right delivery agent takes the right order and picks up the right parcel? Fret not, Pickupp provides you with 3 ways to identify and differentiate your orders and parcels!

1. Print our QR code

A QR code is automatically generated for every order and you can print it easily on our merchant portal once your order has been created.
QR Code - Delivery Parcel Identification

No printer to print the QR code? Fret not, we've built 2 alternative ways to start your delivery, even if you don't have access to a printer!

2. 4-Digit Passcode

This 4-digit passcode works just the same as the QR code. Simply take the first 4 numerical digits of your order tracking number and attach this passcode to your parcel or give it to the delivery agent upon pick-up to start the delivery. The following image is what your delivery agent will see as he/she is picking up your parcel:

3. Merchant-defined number

Alternatively, if you have your own identification number for the delivery (invoice number, PO number, your own creation number, etc.), you can input this as your ‘Merchant defined number’ upon order placement. This works the same as QR code and the 4-digit passcode!
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