Retired Couple who Delivers and Date: A Day in Their Life #DeliverieswithPickupp

Jul 9, 2019 5:05 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents

Retired Couple who Delivers and Date: A Day in Their Life #DeliverieswithPickupp

Uncle Steven and His Wife are the epitomy of #couplegoals. 68 and 67 years old respectively, both of them are retired but wanted to work instead of living an idle life. Before becoming a delivery agent, Uncle Steven’s wife just played mahjong every day. It has been 1 year since she gave up her hobby to join Uncle Steven as delivery agents with Pickupp. What started as a desire to pass time became a daily opportunity for them to work, date and learn from one another.

Watch their story here:

"I needed a companion, it’s fun to deliver together", says Uncle Steven. Together, they deliver about 30 – 50 parcels a day, depending on their flexibility and schedule. When asked why Uncle Steven chose to stick to only working for Pickupp, he shares that the 4-hour delivery time window with Pickupp allows him and his wife the flexibility and room to plan their orders as compared to a 1-hour delivery window that is highly stressful and hard to fulfill. If you’re interested to use our delivery services for your business or on an ad-hoc service, sign up for a free trial to test us here here and we will be in touch!
If you’re interested to be a delivery agent with us, sign up with us here and enjoy all the exclusive benefits that we have! Whether you're a stay home mom running errands occasionally, a full-time office worker, a student or retiree, anybody can be a delivery agent with Pickupp! This opportunity with Pickupp could help you to earn additional pocket money or even tide you through seasons without work. With our high volume of orders across Singapore, you can expect to choose where you want to work and what parcels you wish to deliver. Whether it is a big or small parcel, West or East, it's entirely up to you! You may also earn more during the peak sales season where additional bonuses and incentives will be given out.