We don’t just deliver, We deliver more

Feb 8, 2022 7:40 PM

Pickupp Campaigns
The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the nature of our social interactions, with many of us practicing safe distancing and hence social relationships were disrupted. The once common interactions have lessened, and our social ties have been limited to more formal and scheduled check-ins. With many missed experiences and social connection, the new year brings new hopes and aspirations for many people. Keeping that in mind, we kickstarted our brand launch campaign #WeDeliverMore earlier this year, to help everyone start 2022 afresh through a sense of Connection, Renewal, Inspiration and Joy.
Pickupp, We deliver more

Pickupp doesn't deliver packages. Well, of course we do, but that's not how we see it.

To the grandparents receiving their first smartphone, we deliver Connection. To the worker who needs rest, we deliver Renewal. To the curious child, we deliver Inspiration. This 2022, we deliver Joy.
Check out our full brand launch video here.

#WeDeliverMore Giveaway Contest [Closed]

This new year, we wanted to deliver more than just a parcel. So, we invited the public to join us in sending their regards to their loved ones through our giveaway contest on our Instagram page - where we delivered Connection, Renewal, Inspiration & Joy curated boxes across our little red dot to 22 lucky winners.
We Deliver More Giveaway Contest
These were the contest mechanics and participants had to: 1. Follow @pickupp.sg and like the contest post 2. Comment and tag 1 friend on the post 3. Share the post on IG Story, fill in the blank with either Connection, Renewal, Inspiration or Joy & add your own creative spin to it 4. Tag 1 friend and @pickupp.sg in the IG Story

Giveaway Prizes

We curated a selection of meaningful items to deliver a sense of Connection, Renewal, Inspiration and Joy.
We Deliver More Giveaway Prizes
So, what was in the boxes? Connection – Draw your loved ones closer with a box filled with items made for a strong relationship. Renewal – Start the year afresh with your bestie, it’s time to indulge in pure relaxation. Inspiration – Ignite that spark in you! This box is curated to keep those creative juices flowing. Joy – Capture lasting memories and savour the moment with sweet treats. A joyful gift for you and your loved one!

Giveaway Winners

There were close to 400 entries for this contest, and we were glad that our campaign was so well received! 22 lucky winners had won 2 boxes of well-wishes each. One for themselves, the other for their loved ones.
Giveaway Winners
Our friendly delivery agents then went around Singapore to deliver these boxes of well-wishes to the 22 winners and friends.
Pickupp Delivery Agents
We certainly had an exciting run that week! Check out how we brighten someone’s day on our Instagram Reels here!
Beyond the tangible, our business delivers precious emotional value, regardless of what we're delivering or to whom. Whatever you're sending, there's only one partner who sees the meaning and emotion you've packed into every parcel. At Pickupp, we don’t just deliver parcels. #WeDeliverMore. If you need help delivering anything at all, don’t forget to look out for us! Learn more about how our #TeamPickupp is empowered to meet business owners' problems and fulfill their logistical needs.