3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Standard (1-3 Days) Deliveries Now

May 27, 2019 8:33 PM

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Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Invest in Standard (1-3 Days) Deliveries

Pickupp's Next Day Delivery Services - Better than Amazon
Typical Use Case Your customer has a function to attend in 4 days. She has no time to shop in stores and would like to make an online purchase. Which delivery option would she choose? 2-Hour Express Delivery: $9 4-Hour Express Delivery: $8 “Way too expensive.” Same Day Delivery: $6.60 “Ideal but still a little steep” Standard (1-3 Days) Delivery: $2.80 “Yes, this is the best option!”
Imagine how much more sales you could attain from customers with emergency orders. In fact, it is proven that companies with FASTER deliveries could attain a significant increase in year-over-year sales and twice as much conversion.

Why offer Standard Delivery Services?

1. It is value for money

Same Day Delivery: From $6.60* Standard (1-3 Days) Delivery: From $2.80* More than half the cost of same day delivery, with Pickupp’s Standard (1-3 Days) delivery services, you could delight your customers with faster deliveries without even spending more. Even if you had to spend a few cents more per order, the profits that you could gain from the investment will far outweigh its cost!

2. You will gain a competitive edge over other retailers

Statistics show that same day delivery can help businesses gain a competitive edge over 85% of their retailers. In fact, established players such as Walmart and Amazon recognise the value of providing faster deliveries and have already been launched this offering. Same day delivery is always ideal if you have the budget. However, for those who would like to save on delivery cost but still gain a competitive edge over other retailers, next day delivery is the way to go.

3. More sales!

There are many ways to retain and attract customers but next day delivery is one of the surefire ways to do so. With next day deliveries, customers with urgent orders can purchase directly from you instead of having to visit other brick and mortar stores. More sales is guaranteed as a result. Desire to jump on the “Faster delivery” bandwagon but hesitant to make that investment yet? Stay ahead of the competition by getting started on next day deliveries first. With our Standard (1-3 Days) deliveries from $2.80, you can delight your customers with faster deliveries without any additional cost. All we can say is, invest in next day deliveries before it’s too late. It is the future. We have the best technological capabilities to support your next day deliveries. Whether you’re a retailer, freight forwarder, international courier or 3PL, we have a solution for you.