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Have occasional door-to-door courier needs that are sometimes urgent? Create an order via our digital dashboard or mobile app and we will courier anything you need, across Singapore, within 2 or 4 hours, on the same day! Why courier in 1 hour when you can courier with us at a fraction of the cost?
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50% Off Your First Pickupp Order

Have documents or parcels to deliver on a one-time or ad-hoc basis? Create your order now and we'll courier to your doorstep within 2 or 4 hours today!

Why deliver with us?

Express Delivery

How does our On-Demand Express Delivery & Same Day Courier Service work?

The moment your order is created, it will be dispatched for delivery. Once a delivery agent accepts your order, you can be assured that your parcel will be picked up and dropped off within 2 or 4 hours and according to the pick up time you've set!
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How to Order?

Create your delivery order in less than a minute on our Pickupp User Mobile App and we'll deliver your parcel on the same day, in 2 hours, 4 hours or even less!

Individual User vs Monthly User

What are the differences? (Applicable to our Express Delivery and Same Day Courier Service Only)

Are you a business with regular parcel delivery needs?

Partner with us to enjoy a 20% discount on our deliveries!