Maximising Your Refunds: How to Return International Amazon Purchases

May 9, 2023 8:45 PM

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In today's world of e-commerce, it's not uncommon for customers to purchase goods from international marketplaces such as Amazon. However, what happens when you need to return an item back to the United States? Many customers are surprised to learn that though Amazon covers global returns for the majority of items, customers will still need to pay to ship their return for certain items. And they cannot use their local postal services for returning Amazon goods to the US. This leaves them with only a few options, one of which is to use international courier services. One popular international courier service that many customers use for returning Amazon goods to the US is Pickupp. Pickupp has a global network of shipping services that can provide customers with fast and reliable shipping options. Our tracking system allows customers to monitor the progress of their package from start to finish, providing peace of mind throughout the shipping process. Additionally, we have experience dealing with customs and other international regulations, which can help to avoid any potential delays or issues.

How to do an Amazon Return from Singapore

1. Generate the self-ship return label from Online Return Center 2. During the returns process and on your return label, you will see a link to the Drop-off Locator where you can enter your postal code to view the eligible Drop Off locations in that area. 3. Package your return, making sure that the package does not exceed the maximum weight of 5 kilograms and maximum dimensions (length + 2 * (width + height)) of 100 centimeters. 4. Print the invoice and return authorisation slip (displayed with the delivery label) and include it in the package. 5. Print your return label and fix it to the outside of the package. 6. Take the package and drop it off at any Pickupp Service Points. **You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Amazon within 15 days of delivery for a full refund. Refunds will typically be made in 2-3 weeks after Amazon has received and processed your items. For more information on Amazon return policy, kindly visit this website.

How to self-ship your Amazon items using Pickupp's International Delivery Service

Pickupp Service Point
1. Create an account with Pickupp here 2. On the left sidebar under Orders, create an International Order. 3. Once the order has been created, do indicate the order number on the parcel before dropping it off at any of the Pickupp Service Points near you. For a full step-by-step guide on creating international orders via Pickupp, check out this tutorial guide here.

Reliable Solution for Returning Amazon Goods Globally

In summary, returning goods to Amazon from abroad can be a complicated process. However, using international courier services can provide a reliable and efficient solution for customers. With their extensive network of shipping options, tracking systems, and experience with customs regulations, international couriers such as Pickupp can make the process of returning Amazon goods to the US or other countries much smoother. Ultimately, customers should do their due diligence to choose a reputable courier service, package the item properly, and purchase insurance for added peace of mind.

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