A Step by Step Guide to Send Your Packages Internationally with Pickupp

Feb 17, 2023 4:55 PM

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Say no more to long-lost connections - we can now deliver internationally!📦🌎

Connect with your family and friends by sending parcels directly via Pickupp - we deliver to over 200 regions, with the fastest delivery in just 3 days! Whether you’re delivering care packages to your loved ones or sending products to your overseas customers, Pickupp got you covered with our newly launched service: Singapore international express delivery. Yes, we deliver to over 200 regions within 3-6 days, at the most affordable rates ever! Simply drop-off your parcel at any one of our Pickupp Service Points and we’ll deliver them for you. If you’re looking for the best international courier service in Singapore and not sure how to start? Check out our step-by-step guide to create an international delivery order below:

Merchant Portal Users (Web)

Firstly, create an account with Pickupp! Simply head over to Pickupp’s website and click on the sign up page. It should look like this:
Sign Up Page
Fill up your details and select the service type you’re interested in i.e International Delivery. Once you have logged into your account, on the left sidebar under Orders, select Create International Order. It will lead you to this page and you can fill up your order details accordingly.
Create International Order
Please kindly take note that creating international delivery orders is only applicable on our new merchant portal interface. For new users - your default portal page should reflect the new order creation interface, which includes the International Delivery option. For existing users - you may not be able to find the International Delivery option in just a glance! We have recently upgraded our portal, simply click on Go to New Version at the bottom left sidebar and you will be able to see Create International Order under the Orders tab.
New Version

Sender Info

Under this section, fill in your name and phone number. Next, select the Service Point where you would like to drop-off the parcel. You may find out more about our Service Points here.
For example, I would like to drop-off my parcel at the Pickupp Warehouse. I will key in the drop-off store code as SPTAMA. For your easy reference, you may also click on the hyperlink on the portal - self drop off store as shown below to check out the respective store codes.
Sender information

Recipient Info

For international parcel delivery services, entering the delivery details accurately is very important in order to ensure that your package can be successfully delivered. Please kindly double-check the country zip code and address details before submitting your order form. Any incorrect information may result in unsuccessful deliveries or delays. P.S. Please omit any dashes or spaces when keying in the phone number.
Recipent Info

Customs Declaration

This is a crucial step for all cross border delivery parcels. In order to successfully clear Singapore & overseas customs without any delay, you should fill up your parcel’s details accurately. The details needed are as follows: 1. Parcel size and weight: Fill in the dimensions including its length, height, width and total weight. 2. Content of parcel: Declare the item, quantity, price. If you have additional items in your parcel, simply click on ‘Add items’ and repeat the same process.

HS Code

You may be wondering what HS code is. It stands for Harmonized System code which is a standardised numerical code used by custom authorities worldwide to identify and classify all the cross border delivery parcels. They are extremely important in helping officials determine the correct duties, taxes, and regulations that apply to each and every parcel. Feel free to read more here . However, if you are not familiar with the HS code, do not worry as we will provide the codes accordingly based on your description of the parcels. You may leave this section empty.
Customs Declaration
Remember to check through all the details and ensure that the information is accurate to ensure that your parcel does not get stuck and delayed at the custom. Once completed, do click on the Add Items button to save your parcel information. Kindly ensure that your parcel meets the international delivery standards. International shipping restrictions include, but are not limited to:
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Inflammable and explosive articles
  • Medicines and illegal drugs
  • Corrosive radioactive substances
  • Currency and marketable securities
  • Animal and plant products
  • Prohibited Items
    Do refer to this packaging guidelines to ensure that your parcel is tightly secured and safe for delivery.

    Submit Order

    You may refer to our international rate card to find out more about the charges. Freight charges will be calculated based on the weight of the goods or the volumetric weight. Next, proceed to the payment page. For easier payment in future, simply click on Payment Profile and link your credit card.

    Drop-off Your Parcel

    Before dropping off your parcel at the selected Service Point, you should print the waybill and attach it to your parcel OR you may write your order number (starting with PU) on the parcel before handing it over to our Service Point staff. And you’re done! You can now sit back and relax while our delivery agent delivers your parcel to your recipient safely. To stay updated, you can key in your order number (starting with PU) into our system to see the latest updates of your parcel.

    App Users

    For users on mobile, download the Pickupp User app from the App/Play Store. Process is more or less the same as that on the portal.
    App Users
    Click on International Orders and you can start filling in the required details. Follow the steps and complete your order process.
    App User 2
    That’s it! Your international shipping order from Singapore has been placed with Pickupp and is on its way to its destination.