Bulk Upload Feature: Create 1000 Delivery Orders in Minutes! #PickuppTech

Jul 30, 2019 12:08 AM

Pickupp Tech

Pickupp's Bulk Upload Technology Feature: Create 1000 delivery orders in 1 minute! #PickuppTech

Business Scalability
We know how painful and time-consuming it can be to have to sort through and dispatch all your orders and parcels for delivery. All that time spent on managing your deliveries could be put to better use. Using technology-enabled delivery services are a surefire way of scaling up your business and #PickuppTech is here to help. While traditional couriers rely on paper and pen and have to sieve through piles of paper just to find an order, technology has allowed businesses using last mile delivery providers to store all their orders in a dashboard. This supports the ability to organise your orders easily and saves your business massive amounts of time. Here, we feature one of many technology-enabled features on our dashboard - the 'Bulk Create' function!

How does the 'Bulk Create' Function work?

Bulk upload helps you dispatch and deal with large quantities of parcels in a matter of minutes. All you'll have to do is download an Excel template on our dashboard, fill in the delivery details in the template, drag and upload it into our system!

How is Pickupp's 'Bulk Create' Function special and better than others?

1. Our Bulk Upload function allows you to upload up to 1000 orders at one time While most delivery providers supports the uploading of only 100 orders, Pickupp allows you to upload up to 1000 orders at one go and in a matter of minutes! 2. Never fail losing your orders and hard work! In the process of uploading your orders by closed the tab by accident or need to attend to something else? Not to worry, your orders will still remain as status quo in the bulk create tab. This will allow you to continue the process anytime! 3. Categorisation and Partial Placement of orders To aid you in the process of uploading and managing your orders, our dashboard allows for the categorisation and partial placement of orders. Should there be any errors in your orders, such as a wrong address or inaccurate phone number, it will be flagged out by our system immediately, as indicated in the image below with a ! sign. Unless the errors are resolved, such orders cannot be requested for delivery.
However, for orders without errors and are ready, you can still proceed to request for delivery with just 1 click and these orders will be categorised as "Completed Orders" 4. Bulk edit Need to edit the address for all your orders? You can now bulk edit the specific details of all your orders at one go! 5. Print your waybills in sequence Our latest update to the bulk upload feature allows you to print your waybills in sequence immediately after you upload your list of orders. Now, you can now organise your orders and parcels to match the waybills easily and save much time! No more jumbled orders! However, do note that the waybills have to be printed immediately upon upload for it to be in sequence!

As a technology-enabled delivery platform that prides itself on deliveries that keep getting better, we continually update our features and improve it based on user feedback. Thinking of scaling up your business but not sure how to go about doing so? A strong delivery model is one of your key ways of doing so and we're here to help.

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