Success Stories: 3rd-Gen Business Owner uses a Tech-Enabled Delivery Provider

Jul 12, 2019 10:46 PM

Success Stories

3rd-Generation Business Owner Uses a Technology-Enabled Delivery Provider

Kim Choo Kueh Chang is a heritage and rice dumpling business that was established in Singapore since 1945. The business is still thriving today. Edmund, third-generation owner of Kim Choo Kueh Chang, tells us that to maintain its quality, wrapping rice dumplings is not fully automated and will never be. How can the company keep up with changing times but stay true to their heritage? Although they have rejected the use of certain technology, they’re partnering with a technology-enabled logistics provider to deliver their dumplings today.

Learn how the business strikes a balance between the old and the new here:

In the past, Kim Choo Kueh Chang used freelancers to deliver their dumplings. There was little visibility and their customers did not know when to expect the dumplings. Since they started using Pickupp more than a year ago, Kim Choo Kueh Chang has 100% visibility of all its delivery orders.
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That means knowing in real-time, when their dumplings were delivered and who delivers them, all with proof of delivery! Sign up for a Free Trial with us today!
  • Expect up to $50 free delivery credits
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