Success Stories: How Unsalted Butter Is Able To Focus On Her Core Business With Pickupp

Oct 15, 2020 10:38 PM

Success Stories

How Unsalted Butter Is Able To Focus On Her Core Business With Pickupp

Pickupp Baker - Unsalted Butter
Scones are a crumbly, buttery type of pastry made of wheat, barley or oatmeal. While they first originated in Scotland, they're a popular breakfast, dessert and tea-time snack for many across the world. In Singapore however, even with the cafe culture that has been grown in popularity in recent times, you rarely find scones. In response to that observation, as well as a strong love of scones, Joanne, Owner & Baker of Unsalted Butter, a home bakery that specialises in scones, was inspired to start her business selling the pastry. At just 29 years old, she left her job as an accountant to pursue her dreams to start a business selling good and honest bakes. As an early stage entrepreneur with limited budget and manpower, she needed a sustainable business solution that will support her in scaling her business in the least amount of time possible. This was one of the reasons why Unsalted Butter decided to use Pickupp's e-commerce and delivery platform to sell their products. Read on to learn more about Unsalted Butter and how listing on our e-commerce platform, Shop On Pickupp, supported their new business! Explore Unsalted Butter's shop on Shop On Pickupp here. You can also download the Pickupp User app here. #EmpowerLocal #PickuppBaker

Meet Joanne, founder and home baker of Unsalted butter

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Meet Joanne, Owner & Founder of Unsalted Butter, a home-based bakery brand. Although she had planned to open a cafe in the beginning of the year, everything came to a halt due to rental complications during COVID-19. Instead, Joanne decided to start promoting their brand online first before opening a cafe would be possible again.

On leaving her full-time job at 29 years old to start her own business

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"Well, if not now, then when? Life's short, we should act on things instead of thinking whether it works or not. There're not many good scones out there in Singapore, hence instead of enjoying the good scones myself, i would like to share it with others."

The Inspiration Behind Her Business

Unsalted Butter - Business Inspiration
On what got her started on this journey... "I used to travel a lot, and visited a lot of cafes. The inspiration behind my bakes and brand came from the cafes I visited in Korea."
Signature Bakes and Ingredient to Success

Signature Bakes and Key Ingredients to Success

Aside from Unsalted Butter (Duh!), she uses Valrhona and Callebaut Chocolates, Uji Matcha and Azuki Beans her scone fillings. Her signature items would be her scones as well as the Walnut Banana Gugelhup, a sponge-like cake that originates from Central Europe. These bakes are handmade from scratch, including the caramelised walnut toppings on the Gugelhup.

How has Pickupp helped to support their business?

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By listing her products on our e-commerce and delivery platform, Shop On Pickupp, Joanne was given the e-payment and delivery support she needed to focus and scale her core business at the most affordable prices. With us, she saves time on managing and tracking payment, organising deliveries, and also handling customer enquiries, freeing her up to focus on growing her business. Check out Unsalted Butter's shop here!