How You Can Optimise Your Earnings as a Pickupp Delivery Agent

May 8, 2020 7:01 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents

Optimise Your Earnings

Did you know that your lead time to deliver each parcel is 2 - 4 hours with Pickupp, as compared to 30 mins - 1 hour with other delivery companies? This means that you can plan and optimise your route to make multiple deliveries and earn more in the process! Earn more, travel less and save your time today! Here are some tips on how you can do so!

1. Pre-match

At 11pm - 6am every night, delivery orders for the next day will be released on the Pickupp app for your acceptance.
Pickupp Delivery Agent
This means that you can 1) Browse through our app 2) Check out all the available delivery orders for the next day 3) Accept those that suit your schedule and capacity 4) Start planning your route! The ability to pre-match your orders mean that you can plan your route, to optimise earnings and take more orders in the shortest time possible. For example, you can choose to take more orders from similar locations and plan your route such that it's on the way, as long as you're able to meet and deliver your orders well and during the stipulated time!
Aside from planning your route, you would also be able to plan your time in advance. This is in contrast to other on-demand delivery platforms where deliveries are taken spontaneously, with a 1 hour lead time, preventing you from planning your route to maximise your earnings. Flexibility of choice is also limited as a result.

2. Bundled Orders

Earn more with Pickupp
Our algorithm also automatically bundles delivery orders to locations that are close to one another. You can expect to earn double the amount per trip with these bundled orders. Because the delivery locations in a bundled order are in such close proximity to one another, you could possibly complete it in an hour and earn more in the process! Optimise your earnings by taking bundled orders as the prices for multiple orders add up to a significant amount. This is in contrast to other on-demand delivery platforms, which is usually just 1 trip per order which limit your earnings. Refer to the photo below and look out for our 'Bundled Orders' icon!
Pickupp Delivery Agent - Pre-Match

3. Price for Delivery Orders

Pickupp Delivery Agent Order Pricing
Have you ever wondered how the prices are determined? Rest assured, prices reflected for delivery orders are based on numerous factors (eg.distance and weight etc), calculated by algorithm and historical data. The surge in price is also based on the system and not during a fixed duration. This means that you’ll be paid fairly when you accept a job! And if you're worried about payment methods, fret not! Pickupp's delivery agents can now cash out your earnings effortlessly! Read more: Pickupp Delivery Agent Wallet

Interested to be a delivery agent with Pickupp?

Check this guide here to learn how you can get started with us today! Here at Pickupp, we value constructive feedback from all delivery agents & will always consider it for improvement. If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us via intercom and leave your contact details. We will be happy to assist you and will be in touch as soon as possible.