Thank You Delivery Agents #SpreadGratitudeWithPickupp

Apr 1, 2020 12:01 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents
Thank you Delivery Agents

Thank you Delivery Agents

Pickupp has many delivery agents who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that parcels are delivered safely in the hands of recipients. During the peak season, many of them are sometimes expected to work with little rest to meet the surges in demand. Working as a delivery agent can be physically and mentally draining and a little appreciation and encouragement from all of us will go a long way! Pickupp would like to #spreadpositivity by encouraging all our merchants and recipients of their deliveries to #offergratitude to your delivery agents.

What can you do?

1. Know when your delivery agent is arriving

Parcel Order Tracking

To prepare for your delivery agent's arrival, simply track your delivery order on our order tracking page here or download the Pickupp User mobile app and track your deliveries under incoming orders. Shop On Pickupp buyers can track your deliveries under "My Purchases" You'll also receive an SMS Notification when your delivery agent is enroute to deliver your parcel!

2. Write them a note of appreciation and leave it at your doorstep before their arrival

You could write your own note of appreciation or download any of the following gratitude posters we've here, print it and stick in on your front door.

3. Bless them with some snacks and drinks!

You could even bless them with some drinks and snacks! We encourage contactless delivery so simply leave these snacks at your front door. You'll be sure to leave a smile on their faces! In lieu of the Ramadan season, these drinks and snacks would be perfect at sunset timings when our muslim delivery agents are about to break fast!

Thank You Delivery Heroes
4. Share with us the different ways you and your family may have thanked and showed appreciation to a delivery agent and tag @pickupp.sg so we can spread the message today!

P.S. Redeem a free KOI Card worth $10 from us when you #SpreadGratitudeWithPickupp and tag @pickupp.sg on Instagram! *Limited to the first 10 redemptions only!

KOI Bubble Tea
Simply right click and "Save Image As" to download the following gratitude posters for your delivery agents.

Thank You Delivery Heroes
Delivery Heroes
Thank You Delivery Heroes
There're so many ways you can offer gratitude in this season. Whether it is a simple poster, or a drink/snack, let's do our part to show appreciation and bring a smile to the faces of our delivery agents!