Spreading Cheer in the midst of COVID-19

Mar 8, 2020 7:01 PM

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Spreading Cheer in the midst of COVID-19

As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic today, where events and plans are being cancelled, and people are forced to adjust to their lives of working from home and social distancing, there's actually so much we can do to spread cheer and lift spirits up.

Here are some ideas and little reminders Pickupp has for you to #spreadcheer today!

1) Reach out to people on voluntary or compulsory Stay Home Notice (SHN) Being cooped up at home for 14 days is dreadful and drastic lifestyle adjustments are often needed. To help your friends, loved ones or even neighbours ease into that transition, you can always spread love by dropping them a note of encouragement, along with the good ol' chicken rice or loaf of bread that they may miss. 2) Organise virtual outings Social distancing shouldn't stop you from mingling and connecting with people. Simply get on a video call, catch up, watch a movie and even snack together - virtually! You'd be surprised on how much fun you could have together! 3) Address any miscommunication In this season where fear seems to be gripping the world, it is important to ensure that you do not misinterpret or spread rumours. Always verify whatever information against trusted sources such as Ministry of Health (MOH), World Health Organization (WHO), and other authorised news sources. Always always bear this in mind - #spreadlovenotfear. 4) Be kind At the end of the day, perhaps it is as simple as being kind. Be kind to your neighbours, to the delivery man who works hard behind the scenes to deliver your essentials and couriers from door-to-door as you work from home, to the cleaners around your estate and in the malls who ensure that hygiene levels are being met, to the nurses or doctors you see who work round the clock and in the frontline during this season. We can all play our part to #spreadcheer today!

We want to help you #spreadcheer by #deliveringcheer in this season! Here's how!

1) Shop On Pickupp

Spread Cheer with a Message of Love - Shop On Pickupp
To help you #spreadcheer, we're partnering with merchants to allow for a "personalised message" for every purchase you make on our platform. All you'll have to do is type out your message in the field titled "#SpreadCheer" and you're good to go! Furthermore, as you would be able to schedule the exact delivery date and time slot, you'll be able to surprise your loved one with no hiccups at all! From avocado brownies to rose gold macarons, there's something for everyone on our platform and we'll be partnering with even more of your favourite merchants and shops in this season so stay tuned and download the Pickupp User mobile app today! You could also learn more about Shop On Pickupp here.

2) Lunch with Pickupp

Lunch With Pickupp
Know someone who is still working in the Central Business District (CBD)? Or are you still working in the CBD? Shop On Pickupp supports lunch delivery deals across the CBD by offering free delivery, buddy meal specials and exclusive lunch discounts! Our buddy meal specials are just what you need to connect with people over a meal. For example, this meal at Sukhumvit 100 comes with 2 sets of everything: 2 x Main Course of Choice + 2 x Tom Yum Soup + 2 x Drink of Choice for only $20.80 with free delivery?! Value for Money? Yes please! You also wouldn't have to worry about sharing :P Simply download the Pickupp User mobile app and order by 11am to have your meal delivered from 11.30am - 1.30pm on the very same day! P.S. We'll be offering meals across Singapore very very soon too. Stay tuned!

3) Deliver with Pickupp (On-Demand Courier Service)

Door-to-Door Courier Service
If nothing on our platform interests you, fret not! Our Pickupp User mobile app supports on-demand courier services, where you can deliver anything, anywhere and anytime you want. We could deliver cookies that you may have baked for your loved ones, a bowl of nourishing homemade soup, or even some essentials for anyone who is staying and working from home! Create your order on our app in less than one minute and have it delivered in 4 hours. Check out how you can get started with our door-to-door courier services here today! If you are a business or someone with regular delivery needs and want to learn more about our 1 - 2-hour express, 4-hour same day, next day and 1 – 3 days deliveries, fill up the following form and sign up for a free trial with us today!
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