Success Stories: How Avomin Saved Time & Cost With Shop On Pickupp

Jul 29, 2020 10:38 PM

Success Stories

How Avomin Saved Time & Cost With Shop On Pickupp

How many of us start a business immediately after graduation? Owner and Baker of Avomin, Ho Min, did. While most would have found a regular job after graduating, Ho Min took a leap of faith and started her brand after graduating in 2017. Her idea? Healthy brownies baked with avocado instead of butter. Today, you can find her humble store at the heart of Singapore's Central Business District (CBD).

Meet Ho Min, owner & baker of Avomin

Increase Sales With Shop On Pickupp
Avomin specialises in rich avocado brownies topped with chocolate drizzle, mini marshmallows and cookie crumbles. Their brownies are dairy-free, low in calories but just as decadent and delicious as a regular brownie. Besides their signature avocado brownies, you may also find other vegetarian-friendly desserts on their menu. At the start, Ho Min managed her business by both baking and delivering her brownies to customers. However, recognising that this was inefficient, she turned to Pickupp who supported her deliveries and helped her to save an immense amount of time. In her own words, delivering with Pickupp was a "simple click on the app". With this support, she was able to focus on what mattered most - her baking. By listing Avomin on Shop On Pickupp, the brand was able to reach a wider customer base. Automatic delivery fulfilment for every purchase made through us also saved even more time. Best part? Our affordable islandwide delivery fees allowed them to provide islandwide delivery for their brownies at just $3.90, as compared to a $10 islandwide delivery on their own website. Read on to learn more about Avomin's story and how listing on our e-commerce platform, Shop On Pickupp, supported their business! Explore Avomin's shop on Shop On Pickupp here. You can also download the Pickupp User app here. #EmpowerLocal #PickuppBaker

Baking since 12

Expanding Your Business With Pickupp
The inspiration behind her business idea? Ho Min started baking since she was 12. Aside from baking for family, she gained experience in baking in large quantities for charity and donation drives. "I started baking at a young age of 12, using healthy and wholesome ingredients as my family is health conscious. I often bake for charity drives and most of my recipes were all about healthy eating and good substitution of ingredients! That is how I started baking with avocados instead of butter."

She graduated in 2017, and started her own brand, Avomin

Avomin - The Story Behind Their Business
What gave her the courage to start her business at such a young age? Dream, passion, but also skill and years of experience. After she graduated with a Business diploma, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream to own a business. And because baking was a strength and skill that she had developed over the years, the Avomin bakery was born. "After graduating in 2017, I took a leap of faith to start my very humble brand, Avomin, located at the heart of Singapore's CBD. The intention was to provide healthy dessert options for the working crowd and have a space for my creations. Starting a business has always been a dream of mine.”

Avomin's Signature Item

Avomin Empower Bakers Signature Item
"Avocado Brownies and Eggless Avocado Cookies! You will be able to see and taste the avocado chunks in the brownie as we have added fresh avocado chunks in, apart from blending it into our original recipe. Our avocado brownie is light, fluffy, less greasy, smooth and fudgey-cakey as compared to the rest of our brownie flavours.”

How has Pickupp helped to support their business?

"At the beginning, we did not have a strong delivery system. We did our own deliveries but later realised that it wasn't efficient and extremely time-consuming to be baking and delivering at the same time. We came across Pickupp who helped us through our peak period by delivering our orders with just a simple click on their app. With one concern off the list, we are able to curate more guilt-free recipes and manage the store-front better."
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